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fiasco cooks up a storm
Cottage Cheese
Cheese Curds
This is my own Fias Co Farm variation on cottage cheese/cheese curds.


Feta is a salty Greek cheese, usually made with either goat or sheep's milk.  It is wonderful crumbled on salads and can also be used in cooking.
Mozzarella One of the first cheeses people want to learn to make is Mozzarella. The problem is, Mozzarella can be pretty tricky. Finally, after years of trying to produce a stretchy, tasty, well-textured Mozzarella, I've succeeded.
Ricotta Ricotta is Italian for "to cook again" or "twice cooked."  It is a soft, smooth, fresh, unripened Italian cheese usually made from the whey of cow's or sheep's milk.
Panir/Queso Blanco ("White Cheese", Vinegar Cheese)  A perfect "first timer" cheese.  It's quick and simple to make, and takes very little special equipment.  This cheese does not melt and can be used like Tofu in stir fry or cut into chunks and added to spaghetti and chili.
Ideal Beginner cheese
Queso Fresco

("Fresh Cheese") Queso Fresco can substitute for Mozzarella on many occasions.  It is lightly pressed and ready to eat in just a few days.

Chevre/Fromage Blanc I have found that when I say "goat cheese" to people, they think only of Chevre. Chevre, means "goat cheese" in French. It is a soft, molded, fresh cheese, but by no means the only cheese you can make with goat milk. It is quite simple to make and doesn't take a lot of special utensils, milk or time to make.
Ideal Beginner cheese
Saint Maure Once you have making Chevre down, why not try something really fun. getting moldy. Once you try this moldy Chevre, you may never go back to plain again. The mold we'll use is the same kind of white mold that is used in Brie and Camembert. It causes the cheese to develop a wonderful flavor and creaminess.
Goat Milk Recipes (other than cheese):
Goat Milk Fudge Yum!
Goat Milk Soap A plain and simple recipe for homemade soap.

Make yogurt as simply without the use of special equipment.

Assorted & Misc.
Tofu I wish to thank Ian and Ineke Priestnall of Assendelft, Netherlands for this recipe.
Goat wipes  I like to keep these homemade "goat wipes" on hand in the barn for cleaning up goat and goatbaby butts,  cleaning my hands, etc.
White Wash You can make your own white wash to brighten up your barn.
Homemade Dog Food Mable's Meat Loaf: nutritionally complete meat loaf meal for dogs.
Udder Wash & Teat Dip Better than store bought

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