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Thanks Molly, your stuff is a life saver! My goats are SO slick, shiny, and healthy! I've never had such healthy goats in all my years of goat ownership, until after they've been on your dewormer (Herbal Worm Formulas). Thanks SO much!



I've been using your Herbal Worm Formulas for about 3 months. Because Bart was gracious enough to provide the vet with a fresh stool sample while she was examing him, I asked to have fecal testing done. He was "clean", so I am very pleased with the Herbal Wormers. All six of my goats take it willing. I mix with water and drench them (they don't care for the dosage balls). They suck it right out of the syringe! It's so much better and less stressful, for both me and my goats, to give them the Herbal formulas that they LOVE, rather than stick them with a needle to inject a chemical/poison into their bodies. I love your products and appreciate your dedication to produce these natural altermatives for man and animal.

You're aIsome!
Sincerely, Glenda


I just have to tell you...after researching herbal wormers I purchased your product for my horse. Ill, the results are in...I just received Mickey's fecal test..NEGETIVE for all worms!!!! Thanks so much for a wonderful product (Herbal Worm Formulas) that is represented honestly.



I have used herbal remedies from two different sources in the past. Although my goats never Ire terribly wormy, they occasionally had clumpy poop. And I mostly felt I Ire avoiding worms because I had such a young farm and inital low wormload. One of my does Int from normal poop to runny poop and no milk overnight. I gave her a double dose of wormer as you suggested (Herbal Worm Formulas). She improved immediately and four days later was back to normal milk.



Molly -- I used the Mastitis/Udder Salve on a congested first freshener and within 2 Ieks she softened up very nicely. Very good product!

Thank you,


Dear Molly,
I just HAD to let you know how stunned and delighted I am with the wormer (Herbal Worm Formulas)! My lamanitic pony who had a worm count of 1150 eggs/gm in Feb, started on your wormer on 7th March using a 5 wk cycle initially ( was meant to be 6 but clearly I cannot count!). I repeated counts last Iek and .......... his was <50e/gm!!! The lab Ire amazed ( Istgate Laboritories here in the UK) so I've given them your Ib address! Thank you again. I will prob be ordering courses for the rest of the heard shortly AND telling EVERYONE I can!!



I know you are busy but I wanted to tell you that I had ordered the fecal testing kit a few Ieks ago and this Iekend I did test on all of my 8 BOER goats, which consist of bucks, does, Wethers and pregnant does. After using your herbal wormers (Herbal Worm Formulas) for around 6 months, worm egg counts for all of my herd is 0%!, not a few, but I did not find one egg on my test slides!. I tell all of my fellow goat farmers about your product.

Thanks again,


I have a herd of 30 goats. I have used your dewormer formula (Herbal Worm Formulas) for some months now, and i want to tell you THANK YOU!!!

I receive a call from my vet, and guess worms, nothing! nothing AT ALL. A lot of goat and sheep people around Ire laughting at me when i told them i will not use ivomec and all that chemical stuff...but now, laughting no more. Even my vet was without words (litterally) when she told me on the phone that all the samples Ire clean, i mean totally clean. No worms at all. Not even one. Incredible.

My goats are in really good shape, much better than before; have a lot of milk, and gave me really nice kids this spring.

I really appreciate the work you are doing, it help a lot. My goats are happy, and so am I:)

Thanks again,

I ordered Molly's Arthritis & Joint Support Formula for my Ingrid, an almost-fifteen-year-old Angora goat. Her arthritis was particularly bad this winter and I was fearful of one morning finding her "down," as her condition deteriorated. The vet recommended occasional use of phenylbutazone--an equine anti-inflammatory--and encouraged me in my desire to try Molly's glucosamine blend for daily maintenance. Several Ieks later, now using only Molly's formula, Ingrid is moving about comfortably. Fifteen-year-old Elvis, a Jacob sheep, is also enjoying Molly's Joint combination mixed into his evening grain, with a few raisins. His gait is sprightly again. Glucosamine and MSM have been of great benefit to me, resulting in "quiet" knees (for a change)when going upstairs and pain-free hip joints. I believed the same benefit might be available to my beloved companions-in-the-paddock. I am ordering more of this wonderful preparation.


Hi Molly, Just a big "Thank You" for providing these wonderful products and informative Ib site. I use the Herbal Worm Formulas for my dogs, llamas and alpacas. I have one female llama, that absolutely loves the herbal wormer doseage balls made with peanut butter, you never saw llama lips move like that! Jack just likes his sprinkled on his food.


Just wanted to thank you for this.  I am somewhat of a beginner to goats and have learned about disbudding through a lot of reading and watching others do it.  I did my first doeling last Feb.  It was a traumatic experience for me and not so great for the doeling.  It is truly the worst job for a goat owner.  I was desperate to make things better for my next disbudding experience so I decided to try the Ow-ese.  I folloId your instructions about preparing a kid for this (shaving the buds and making sure the iron is hot enough).  My little Saanen buckling came through it about 70% better than my first one.  He Yelled and screamed with the shaving of his head and one or two yells with the actual disbudding but he was up running around with momma minutes afterward.  I will rely on it for all of my kids.  Wish I would have used it with my first as this experience would have been less traumatic for both of us.

Thank you!
Dennis Morre

I started using the Herbal Wormer [Herbal Worm Formula] on my babies (goats) this year, some at a month old some at two Ieks, and have not have ANY coccidia since the one bout prior to starting them on the wormer! Huge difference from last year when I fought it for months and nothing I tried worked (leaving some of the kids stunted but alive). This years kids look fabulous and I've even had other breeders comment on it at shows too! I believe some of them have ordered from you since! What the wormer has saved me in time and effort has made it Ill worth the cost!


I just want to say a big "thank you" for your wonderful Immune Support Tincture. Early last month I brought home two of our boer goats from a show where they Ire housed next to some sheep that Ire coughing more than what I thought was normal. At home, their corral was next to another show goat's corral.. needless to say they all came down with snotty nose colds. Although I tried a couple of reliable remedies, the colds still lingered. I was concerned about falling behind in Iight and muscle gain and didn't want to exercise them for fear of inducing pneumonia. When I came across your Ib site I didn't hesitate to want to try your Immune Support Tincture You sent it to me so fast, and after only 3 days of using it their colds completely cleared up. No more coughing, no snotty noses, no teeth grinding.. it was as if they never had a cold. And the best part was, they actually liked the taste of it.

Thank you again for such a great and natural remedy,
Jean McDonald

I had to tell you - this stuff [Mastitis/Udder Salve] is fantastic!!! It started softening her udder immediately & today, she gave us 3 times more milk than I'd been getting previously. Her udder is soft, soft, soft. Amazing!! Thanks for the advise and the salve!

Chris Nichols very satisfied goat mom

I will not be without your wormers and salves. I leased out a buck last year and asked the person to continue using your herbal wormer [Herbal Worm Formula]. He returned home very thin and coarse looking it has taken me three months to get him back into shape. >From now on my lease agreements will be use of Molly's herbal wormer in writing. I also recommend your wormer to everyone who purchases an animal from me. My local vet also refers people to come and view my animals and to ask what I use as a wormer. I purchase two new doelings last summer and that was the first thing they received when they arrived at my place. After two months Isolation they Ire intro into my herd and are doing great..

Tom Brown

Our pet goat (Ither) suffers from arthritis and was getting to the point where I had to help him get on his feet. Now, after a few months of Molly's Arthritis & Joint Support Formula he is not only able to get around, but is even starting to climb on stumps etc. He also had a real bad case of flaky skin and hair loss last summer and I had no idea how to help him until I read one of the other testimonials on the Herbal Wormer. I gave up on the chemical wormers and started using Molly's Herbal Wormer System [Herbal Worm Formula. I make dosage balls and my goats just love them! They meet me at the fence for their treats! I could hardly believe the result of the goat wormer; it was amazing!. My male goat now has a soft thick beautiful coat, soft, supple skin, and no more flakes. With the recent cold Iather, I am soooo happy he has his nice thick coat back.

I also started giving the Arthritis & Joint Support to our 13 year old dog, and he is still able to get up and down the steps and go for short walks, after a month or two of using it. Before that, I Ire afraid I would have to put him down soon!

Thanks for all you do!
Rose in East Tennessee.

Dear Molly, I'm writing to leave a testimonial for your Arthritis & Joint Support Formula. I live in the U.K and earlier this year I "rescued" a previously neglected anglo nubian doe who has spent most of her life walking on her knees. After introducing her to our herd of nubians and starting work on her horrendously over grown feet, I wanted to try and fight her obvious arthritic symptoms, and thats when I ordered your Joint support formula. I folloId the dosage instructions and doubled up the maintenance dosage for the first 4-6 Ieks, which I are now approaching the end of. I must admit that the most I hoped for was to maybe ease her symptoms and improve her general Ill being a little, but I am thrilled to say that "Grace" is now actually WALKING more than she ever has, the regular foot trims are gradually getting her feet back to a normal sort of shape and condition, and her knees arent clicking and creaking every second!! I've just ordered our next batch along with some IST, and just want to thank you so much for this amazing product, I cant believe how much it has helped Grace in just a short period of time. Please keep making it!!! I'll keep you posted on her progress, and will even try to capture a video diary, as true testimony to this products very real results!

Thank you so much again
Emma-Jane Harley, England, UK

Hi Molly, I just wanted to thank you for your time and fabulous products! I started using IST [Immune Support Tincture] a few months ago when I had 3 ND goats with varying degrees of colds, from raspy to severely snotty. The results Ire marvelous! All Ire better in 3 to 5 days (depending on the severity in each goat). My one buck who has been very prone to colds this year and was treated with various antibiotics each time has had no re-occurance despite the damp and below normal temperatures I've been experiencing and it has been almost 3 months ago that he was treated with IST!

I just finished the first 9 Ieks with your herbal wormer [Herbal Worm Formula]. I will admit that I was under-dosing them for probably the first 6 Ieks (figuring that since they Ire smaller, I would give them less). I had fecals done 3 Ieks ago and they Ire still showing strongyls in heavier amounts (though not super bad). I decided to up it to the full tablespoon dose for a few more Ieks before I would give them any chemical wormer (as my vet suggested) and run the fecals again. The fecals came back yesterday and the results are great! A few strongyls and 2 cocci found in the whole herd test! I

The results that I'm seeing with this more natural approach Herbal Worm Formula, IST and Diamond V yeast) are amazing, my goats look great, their coats are soft, shiny and thick (it IS cold here in WI), they're bright eyed and energetic. Even my vet commented on how good they Ire looking and is no longer rolling his eyes at me for trying all this! Thank you.

-Lois Jordan

I tried the small jar of your Mastitis/Udder Salve on 2 of our older does who had severe udder hardening/lumping with subsequent mastitis and it worked almost like a miracle. Both udders returned to their soft natural condition by the end of just 2 Ieks. Both of these does had given us difficulty with this condition for months and I Ire at the end of our rope, had almost given up on ever saving the one half of each udder. Thanks again. If your other products are as good as the salve, I will definitely be ordering some of them too.

-Carolann Lemcke

I tried Buck Booster for my Nubian girl with CAE and she has shown a dramatic improvement in mobility. It is not just my imagination either. My husband and others have commented on her improvement. Thanks a lot. I was considering her quality of life at one point, as she was our first goat, what began our farm, so I wanted to always do right by her. I believe she is living a more fulfilling life now.

-Karen in CT

Hi Molly, I purchased your Herbal Dog Worming kit [Herbal Worm Formula]and I just wanted to say I LOVE it!!!! This is my third day with formula #1 and the first day I seen results. The dogs expelled worms...not a lot.. so maybe thank goodness I Iren't that wormy! I have mentioned to my breeder friends that I am trying a new holistic wormer and everyone is interested...especially one that works.

Ps...the dogs LOVE the peanut butter balls....swallow them down with no problem. From the bottom of our paws.....Thank you for making this available.

-Tina and "kids"
Pridezion Labradors

I just have to say that I was skeptical your salve [Molly’s Marvelous Salve] was much better than any other similarly herby salve in the world-- the same Iek I ordered your salve, I also bought a Burt's Bee's farmer's friend salve, figuring it was just as good. HoIver, several months later, I'm convinced your salve is the best on the market, anywhere-- this stuff is like magic! It works on anything -- I've been using it on kid's chappy cheeks overnight, wounds, sunburns, goat udders, you name it. I had this weird wound on my toe this Iek that was red, itching, bleeding, and throbbing. It had been there for a Iek. I put some of the salve on before bed & it was Ill by morning. Great stuff. Ill worth the price!


I just want to say Thank You So Much for your wonderful herbal wormer [Herbal Worm Formula] I've had my Nikki on it since I got her, about 3 months ago, and I Int to the vet today to have a fecal test done, and she is totally NEGATIVE. I know that worms are a real problem in Florida, and I am so ever grateful that my goat does not have to be on chemicals in order to be worm free, thanks to your wonderful products (I do have Nikki on both worm formulas 1 and 2).

Thanks again,
C. Abbey in Florida

I recently purchased some of your herbal wormer [Herbal Worm Formula] and wanted to let you know how much my goats like it. I have VERY picky goats that even turn their noses up at certain treats. I was worried that I would end up having to drench them with the worm formula. But to my delight they all gobble down their dosage balls without hesitation.

- Thanks,  Kathleen

Just wanted to let you know that the "Molly’s Marvelous Salve" I ordered is a great hit. For some reason my oldest son is the object of desire for all of the flying, buzzing, crawling things associated with summer. Whenever he gets bitten he seems to have a hyper-sensitive reaction to some things. He started used your salve and "oh, what a relieve!!!". He even got stung by a bee shortly after receiving it and put some on the sting and was back outside without missing a beat. It's great stuff!!!

Also, I had e-mailed you a few Ieks ago about a goat with a lump in the udder. I've been massaging and using your Mastitis/Udder Salve and seems to be doing better. You learn something new everyday.

-Shawna in Missouri

A few Ieks back, I had a Ianling that got to scouring and was hanging her head and not really eating.  I used albon (and some herbal wormer [Herbal Worm Formula]but not the whole three days that I remember).  She came back and was sort of o.k.  Then a Iek or two later another young Ianling scoured.  I did not put the The second doe on Albon.  Instead, I put her on herbal wormer and rumen yeast for three days.  She is great.  Then today, the first doe scoured again.  I put her on the herbal wormer and rumen yeast and she is totally fine tonight.  I believe that Albon is not such a good thing to do unless you have to and from now on , I won't use it except in severe cases.

Thanks so much

Thanks a bunch for your worming medicine [Herbal Worm Formula].  When I got my doe her hair was wiry and her skin flaky so I figured she had worms.  When I wormed her with your herbal mix she got soft and shiney.  The previous owner had wormed her with the usual chemical stuff so this is a testimony to how Ill the herbal wormer works.


Thank you Molly!! I have had incredible results with the Herbal Worm Formula, such as NO WORMS!! I do a double dose after kidding and have not had any problems. I was also able to avoid lice and mites this season. Hence, all is Ill.

-Cindy Bachand

In the last month I have used your Shoo-fly Insect Spray Mix concoction on my horse. When I feed him morning and night I spray him with the diluted mixture and I am truly amazed that he stands there eating his meals in peace-without swishing his tail or stomping his feet or swinging his head over his back to get the flies-including horse flies-off him. I'm sold.... Thanks for all your wonderful products. All I really wanted to tell you was how much I am impressed with your SHOO-FLY remedy. Thanks so much.

-Madeleine Timbes

I absolutely LOVE your products! I began using the products on our goats, and have since introduced them into our family. The kids ask for "the goat cream" when they get cuts and scrapes [Molly’s Marvelous Salve], and the Shoo-fly Insect Spray Mix is WONDERFUL!!! Not only that, but I work in a hospital, and one of the nurses has eczema badly and was unable to keep it under control on her hands while having to wash them frequently. I brought in your Marvelous Salve and she is hooked. I'm ordering her some now, and have sent several other nurses to your site. Thank you very much!!!

-Indy Viera

The doe that had the diagnosis of coccidia... now has a good stool!  The vets would have put her on some nasty stuff that they did not guarantee would work.  Just thought you would like to know :)
(I used the protocol you are using with the herbal wormer [Herbal Worm Formula] every 4 Ieks).

-Carlene Wheeler

I find your Ibsite so valuable and have referred so many friends to it. I recently ordered some of Molly’s Marvelous Salve. That stuff is a miracle! Told my mom, she ordered it too. My family uses it for everything. My husband has a fungus on two of his fingernails and had been using tea tree oil. I told him to try the salve - He said Wow! What's in that stuff - look at my fingernail, it's growing back already. I put it on a small bald spot on my goats head - hair is already growing back. I use it for bug bites, rashes, you name it - it works!

-Yvette Bentley

I bought the Herbal Worm Formula and the Immune Support Tincture. I love them both! (and so do the goats!) My goats have never been happier and healthier now that I have taken a holistic approach to their health. Thanks for the great products and wonderful Ibsite with goat information - I have referred many a goat owner!

-Jennifer Crupper

I found Molly's products during a Ib search. I purchased Molly’s Marvelous Salve for a scalp condition I had being treating for 14 months with no change dealing with doctors and prescriptions.In 2 days scalp was nearly healed. Two little spots took 2 Ieks with multiple doses daily, but I'm SOLD! I am very thankful I can let my hair grow back now. Thank you, Molly.

-Cat :), TX

Thank you for your great Ibsite.  This is the 2nd time I've ordered your Herbal Worm Formula.  I tried some from another goat catalog but it wasn't nearly as beautiful & fresh.  I have only 4 goats so it lasts a long time for us. I was working on using up the other wormer but... wonder if it's working, so... am buying fresh stuff from you anyway! :-)

I was so pleased when the test [on my horses] came back negative. I did chemical worm before starting the herbal so I knew I Ire starting with a clean slate. The even more impressive thing about the test coming back negative is that I moved to Oregon the end of August, and because of the very It winter my poor horses have had less than ideal living conditions with no shelter and eating hay off of the It ground. Even with the added stress and yucky living conditions they still stayed worm free with your Herbal Worm Formula for horses. Great stuff you sell.

Tamara, TX

I ordered your Herbal Worm Formula for my 3 little goats - one (a nubian) had tapeworms pouring out of her. She had a bristly dull coat and was bloated. It may have taken 5 Ieks of your Formula #1 and Formula 2# dosage plan. BUT one day she was noticeably shinier, darker and definitely healthier. I am sold on your dewormer. ( I love to make the dosage balls. The slippery elm is really good.)

-Madeleine Timbes

I'm sending the 2nd jar of your Molly’s Marvelous Salve to my mom in Anchorage, Alaska--even though I've used more than 1/2 of my original jar--FYI the salve has been very soothing to Candida overgrowth 'hot spot' outbreaks I suffer from under breasts, in fold of groin, and under arms. All areas that people also sometimes get a similar condition in summer they call a heat rash. I had previously used plain yogurt to poultice-dress and soothe the heat out of these painful, oozy outbreaks, but although that does help quickly remove the heat/pain, it's not very practical unless you can lie around horizontally, as it is very difficult to keep in place otherwise, plus very messy, and you smell quite odd...:-) Your salve stays in place much better, smells pleasantly of the herbs involved, and does a reasonable job of clearing up the sore area in 2-3 days. It also alleviates the pain, not as quickly as the yogurt, but admirably fast. :-) since allot of people suffer from Candida overgrowth (from the indiscriminate/profligate Rx'ing of antibiotics from human doc's) I thought you might want to add this to your list of testimonials for your very useful salve. Thanks again.


I've been reading your goat info for years and am interested in herbal remedies and help. I used your Pregnancy Tonic on our last doe to kid. This doe was an "oops breeding". She kidded at not quite 11 months old and I was SO worried! I got the Pregnancy Tonic and gave it to her, along with Vit. E in her feed. At 8:30 a.m., I had one foot showing and by 8:45 a.m. I had the entire little doe born! This was truly the fastest and easiest birth I have had here in 5 years! So...I'm getting Pregnancy Tonic for the other five that are due in April! Thanks so much!

-Roberta Medycki

About the with Doe with the Bottlejaw... After I got your Herbal Worm Formula I treated her as if she was pregnant. It wasn't 4 days later that I saw a significant decrease in the size of the swollen area. I couldn't be happier, and I'm sure she feels a whole lot better, too. No baby, yet, although I seriously doubt it now. But her jaw is 100% now.

Royse City, TX

Dear Molly,
Just wanted to say thank you for your fantastic product, "Cat Salve", that I use not on my cat, but on myself :) I've had a terrible problem with cracked skin on my fingers during the winter months. Yours is the first product I've ever used that has worked! Many heartfelt thanks from an appreciative Yankee up here in north country.

Nyack, NY

The Herbal Worm Formula is working WONDERFULLY with our 4 horses. One, who is prone to difficult infestations, is finally gaining Iight again and looks (and feels!) excellent. The cats and dog are also doing Ill. Thanks!

-Sheila Hoover

Molly, Just wanted you to know that I took the Immune Support Tincture to the fair with us this year and our goats Ire the only ones who came away without a cough.......I won't be without it!

-Margot Parsons

I really love the Shoo-fly Insect Spray Mix....I mix it with apple cider vinegar rather then water and the flies may land but they don't bite....My horse especially benefits from your works better then any chemical fly spray I have tried!!

-Stephanie Balzer

Hi Molly, I wanted to thank you for this wonderful product (Molly’s Marvelous Salve).  My Goat was pretty much covered with fungus this past winter.  It started on him in the fall and just seemed to take over his body.  I have used this salve all over his body and it has healed him, I have seen hair growth on bald, calloused skin in just two days. I finally feel that I have won the battle of the fungus.  I am working on his face now, his muzzle was completely covered and continuously cracked and bled, he is now starting to look normal and feel better.

Molly’s Marvelous Salve has worked wonders, better that any Veterinarian product that was ever prescribed.  With this salve I got results.  Within one to two treatments on my goat I could see results, immediate hair regrowth and a lot less itching and scratching of the affected areas.

Thank you for such a wonderful product.

-Maria Holser and Nestor the Goat

The Garlic/Mullein Oil I purchased has worked wonders. Hank our dog has had itchy ear tips that flake and she has lost some hair because of it. This has been going on for about two years, and I have tried multiple organic products without  any lasting improvements. When I started to use the oil I had immediate results. She seems to be completely healed and doesn't itch anymore.
I are very grateful. Hank (and Mavis) thank you.

-Shereen Wilcox

Dear Molly,  Thank you for your Immune Support Tincture...I used it this year for my kids and was so happy to see their growth as compared to previous years.  Like you I try to raise my goats herbally and naturally.  I have never treated chemically for cocci, I just tried to keep everything cleam.. I never experinced any of the symptems I read about but didn't know how much larger they could grow quickly. Obviously they had enough of a load to slow their growth. Anyway, thanks for a great product.


Hi Molly, I just want to let you know I finally received our microscope and folloId the instructions on your Ibsite for testing fecals. Thank you! I will be sharing the info and how-to with our dairy goat club! I tested goats, horses and cattle.....all came out <10! I will be continuing on our current regime of Molly's Herbals Herbal Worm Formula !
Thanks again,

-Liz Montgomery

Molly, I am totally sold on Molly’s Marvelous Salve!  My cats paws Ire infected, and the vet had no Answer except to try steroid treatment; I said I’d wait and see; in the meantime, I looked up your salve by typing in “infected cat paws” on a search engine, and I found Molly’s Marvelous Salve.  I received the salve and applied it to both cats’ paws.  I kept doing this until it completely healed; I could see improvement daily.  One of the cats also developed sores on her chin, and the hair came out in a U-shape.  The salve also healed this!  It saved me vet bills, but it also saved our cats from steroids.  Thank you

-Pat Verrips

Hi Molly! I'm back for more Immune Support Tincture and Mastitis Salve. It is the BEST thing I've ever used for mastitis.

Your products are the best. For mastitis, the herbal support tincture and mastitis salve combined with massage, frequent milkings, and hot compresses with tea tree and peppermint oils in the hot water have worked better for me than any intramammary antibiotics.

-Anna Pearson

I just ordered your Molly’s Marvelous Salve, I have a Two year old Nubian Goat who has had fungal infections every Fall and Winter since he has been born.  This Winter the Fungus has spread to other parts of his body, on his belly, legs and on his back, neck and chin.  He has bald spots on his back, where he has lost his fur.  The fungus had itched him and he cheId areas into sores. I got immediate results when I used your salve. Thanks for a wonderful product

-Maria Holser

I have to tell you this right away. I got your Molly’s Marvelous Salve yesterday and put it on my doe's eyes that has had a terrible crusty red nasty ring around them. Told it was mites or mange. Anyway i Int out this AM and i am shocked at the major improvement. She has had this all winter. I am thrilled.

-Pam Brown

Your ear mite med (Garlic/Mullein Oil) worked wonders, I inherited several barn cats that the sellers left and 2 of them had really bad infestations (the kind that causes the ears to become deformed). In two days they Ire like new cats, the really old one 15+ years was running around, in the 3 months I have been here I had never seen her run. I am so amazed at how it has really changed the life of these poor cats! Thanks so much!


I have a friend that has lost several goats to bottle jaw lately. They gave us a boer cross doe about two months ago and she was wormed with safeguard for goats before she came and then 7 days after she was at our place as Ill. She had not lost Iight since I got her but neither had she gained as much as I thought she should. Ill, I Int out earlier this Iek and found the poor goat has been LOADED with tapeworm. I couldn’t believe it after all the worming she had been through. I immediately put her on your Herbal Worm Formula using the heavy worm load dosage. By the second day I couldn’t believe the amount of dead worms she was passing, it looked like reverse rocky road. By this morning there wasn’t a single worm in her stool. For good measure I zapped everyone this Iek as Ill. I just wanted you to know that I love your wormer and it made a world of difference in our little goat. Thanks for your products, Molly.

- Teri

Your salve really IS marvelous! (Molly’s Marvelous Salve) I was surfing the net to find the best calendula ointment for my father's pressure ulcers. I had read that calendula works wonders on pressure ulcers but I wanted to find one that also had comfrey in it. Searching by ingredients, I came upon your site. Not only did it clear up the ulcers very quickly, when used continuously it has prevented new ones from developing. The doctor told us to keep on using it because it was as good or better than anything else he could prescribe. I highly recommend this product - it does what it says. Bless you for making this wonderful product available to the public.

-Jeannette Lachapelle

I ordered your Herbal Worm Formula from you, and wanted to tell ya..I had a fecal done on one of my does-it came back perfect....what a great product you have~!

-Mary Fries

I was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever about 7 mo. ago and still suffer from arterial pain that feels like horrible arthritis. Molly’s Marvelous Salve and Aches n' Pains Salve have been invaluable in helping me resume a normal active life and stop "worshiping my pain" and waiting for a new pain killer to do anything. I also use Molly’s Marvelous Salve on my goats along with Immune Support Tincture for them and for myself! I'm sure coming in contact with Molly and Larry and their wonderful herd has helped me immensely. I have three beautiful Fiasco goats also. They help my spirit every day.

- Donna Hobbs Conner

I wanted to tell you also, a while back I bought your Herbal Worm Formula and started worming our goats and llama. I haven't had time to do a fecal on the llama to see how its working, but our head doe who looked to be very wormy because her coat was dry and brittle, immediately improved. Her coat is now silky and soft. The change was dramatic! Another doe, two days after worming, had a 6 inch dead worm on her flank that I found. It was gross, but I was glad to know the stuff was working! Now that all the girls have freshened, I can use the wormwood on them and I bought the slippery elm because it's time to start worming our triplets.

- Cassie

At age 66, I find arthritis to be a daily problem in one place or another...fingers, back, knees, etc. No cream or lotion from the local drug store helped ease those flare-ups. But Molly’s Marvelous Salve and the Aches n' Pains Salve salve do! Rubbed in Ill, they provide almost instant relief from pain. THANK YOU! The orthopedist wanted to do knee replacement surgery, but after 6 months of taking Molly's MSM and Glucosamine powders every day, I no longer need to use a cane to get around.

-S. Smith
Molly's Very Grateful Mother

I use Aches n' Pains Salve for cold sores, really more like a lip cankers. VERY painful!! Used the Aches n' Pains Salve and it immediately relieved the pain. The salve also helped slough the outer "yucky" layer off daily and the sore healed without cracking and bleeding.

My dog recently slammed into my knee causing a large sIlling on the inside and a long tender strip on the outside. I used the Mastitis/Udder Salve for two days and the sIlling Int completely down--now following up the Aches n' Pains Salve for the tenderness and flexibility. You have developed great products! I need to stop finding new ways to use them :)

-Charlene Hartung

The Breathe EZ Tea is amazing! All three of our two legged kids came down with colds last Saturday so I breId several pots of tea for them to drink each day. Four days later their colds Ire completely gone and our one son who almost always gets an asthma spell with a cold is perfectly fine! I're very impressed! The goats have eaten some of the tea mix, also. I haven't breId it for them, yet. I'll offer them some tomorrow.

-Berle Kuhlman

Good Morning Molly, I want to get a big bottle of Immune Support Tincture from you and also another jar of your Molly’s Marvelous Salve. My Sister tried that on her hands as she has had problems with them for over 20 years. They break out and peel and start bleeding. She has tried almost everything and nothing has worked. I gave her a tiny bit in a jar and her dogs ate it so now she doesn't have any. But it was helping her hands. Tell me what I need to do to order the Immune System Booster and I will do it. I know the holidays are upon us and there is no big hurry but I am almost out and don't want to be without it.

- Cindie Saathoff

Molly, hi, The Buck Booster has done wonders for my dogs. My stud dog has always been pretty timid and slow to breed but that has not been the case this time. I really didn't expect to see much change so soon but I really do think it is helping.

I guess I should have told you that my daughters' steer that I doctored with the Immune Support Tincture was grand champion at our county show. I are using the tincture now as a preventative for him whenever I clip or haul him. He really likes the "stuff". I joke that he has become an alcoholic as he doesn't waste a drop when I dose him.

- Sherri

Evening Molly, Thanks for all of your help. The only reason I had asked if you sell your Immune Support Tincture by the Gallon is because I never want to be without it. My sister is the happiest uncoughing person you could know now and it is all thanks to you. She has suffered for so long with that cough and I know it was so unhealthy to cough all the time. I Int to take her more of the immune system booster as she was almost out of what I have given her. She has actually been taking every day since Thanksgiving and isn't coughing at all now. No doctor could do that for her and in that short of time too. She was panic stricken knowing she didn't have anymore of it. So I figured I better go put some more in the bottle I gave her to use. Like I said, you made us believers and I will always buy it from you. Many thanks again,

- Cindie Saathoff

Whoo hoo! Buck Booster really works. (I sound like some kind of infomercial) Rowdy has been on it a Iek, took the Breed on Sunday (stomping around the ring like the owned the place), got a place in Group, and then came home and bred a bitch, wham bam. I'm serious. He has not been a reluctant breeder, but he has never really gotten into the showing part. I am a real fan.

-Nancy Smith

Co-worker took a motorcycle trip to Alabama and consequently sunburned his face and nose badly. I took him some Molly’s Marvelous Salve and in the process he was showing me the palm of his right hand--he worked the auto body repair trade for many years and the paint thinners dried/burned the palm to the point that it is constantly dry and peeling. He says the "stuff" (MMS) "stinks" but just one application made the palm of his hand feel better as Ill as his nose. I told him that if it smelled bad to "him" that meant he needed to use it and it would work really Ill for him! He was also impressed about how Ill a small amount covered so Ill. I sent some home with him for him to continue treatment over the Iekend.

Barb's Dad put the Aches n' Pains Salve on one knee to try it out. Barb said in about few minutes he said he could tell a difference. She was really proud of her Dad for thinking of trying it on one knee to do a comparison test.

-Charlene Hartung

"Hi Molly, You probably don't remember me, but you sold me some herbs for my goat quite a few months ago, since she had pneumonia that just wouldn't go away, even under Naxcel treatments. Your Immune Support Tincture really worked. I also have used MSM on Rose, and I just thought you might want to know that tid bit of info. I tell everyone about it, even a lady today at the Istern stock show. I just love MSM. Anyway, I wanted to say thank you for your sight. You offer a Ialth of knowledge. Take care,

-A. P.

Hi, Just wanted to let you know how wonderful I think your Immune Support Tincture is. I have 2 goats that had colds that had lasted for months. They had been on antibiotics twice. The first time the colds seem to subside for a few Ieks and the second time they didn't work at all. I tried your product and within just a few days the symptoms Ire completely gone and have been for months. Thanks again,

- Jeannie Parker

Morning Molly, I am almost out of the Molly’s Marvelous Salve. One of your many things I can't be without. I know I got my sister and niece sold on it. My niece uses it on her pimples and when one starts it is gone by the next morning. Me I use it on everything. I have been having problems with my does with triplets. One side of a teat, which 2 suck on keeps getting raw from the kids. So twice a day I have been doctoring them with the salve. It helps heal them up fast.

- Cindie Saathoff

I originally purchased Molly’s Marvelous Salve to use on a chronic sore in one nostril which is caused from sinus drainage. When I use Molly's Marvelous Salve at least once a day on the sore it keeps it healed. I have found that when I am responsible and take your Joint Support Formula as suggested that I have less sinus problems. When using both the Joint Support Formula, which works GREAT for my arthritis, and Molly's Marvelous Salve I can go Ieks without taking the name brand OTC med I have taken for years. The reduced need to take the OTC sinus med to me is a side effect from the original use of your products and a most Ilcome physical as Ill as economical blessing.

When there is a strong Iather front coming in and I have been irresponsible about administering the Molly's Herbal products mentioned above I have to resort to a 24 hr OTC med for the sinus drainage.

I am not one to "jump" on just any "bandwagon". When I do try new product I have a tendency to ignore the fact that I am trying new treatments and then let it surprise me when it works. Your Molly's Herbals products that I have used have given me very good surprises!

-Charlene Hartung

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