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Goat Hobble

This Goat Hobble is the Milk Maid's life saver when it comes to kicky milkers.
It is extremely humane and helps reduce a lot a lot of anguish and frustration (and tears) for the person trying to milk a uncooperative goat. I also use this when I am giving my does their prenatal rear end hair cut and a udder shave before they kid.

This hobble trains the doe not to kick. I do not have many "kickers" or "nervous milkers" (this was the only one I had this year), but this humane hobble trained her not to kick in just a couple weeks: she realized she couldn't kick with it on and after awhile, she just stopped trying. I stopped using the hobble and she still does not bother trying to kick.

The place that I got mine from (PBS Livestock) had an incorrect photo of how it should be used: showing it around the goats' ankles. You do not put it around the goat's ankles and the hobble does not even fit correctly around the ankles if you try to use it that way. A goat cannot kick if you squeeze tight on the upper rear leg. When you squeeze the ligament on the back of their leg it makes it almost impossible to lift their leg. Knowing this, I figured out the correct way to use this goat hobble. See the photos below:

The hobble should be secured nice and tight so it squeezes the back ligament.

Look how brave I can be:
I can leave the milk bucket under a kicky milker while I take a photo!



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