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Ear problems

Ear problems / infections

The LaMancha breed has very tiny ears. Because of this, their ear cannot "breath" and can sometimes get clogged, "gunky", "yucky" or infected.

Actually ear infections are rare unless the goats get caught in a cold wind and get wet and chilled.

Clinical Signs:

The ear oozes brown or white "gunk".
The ear is clogged.

Rub the ear and if it smells yucky it is infected.
If the goat screams when you "fool" with it's ear, it may be infected.


Keep the ears clean:

Every once and awhile, cup your hand over your goat's ears. Work it around the ear to help keep it open.

Use Ear Oil (recipe below) regularly to keep the ear clean and unclogged and to aid in preventing/treating infections. Apply liberally to ear. Massage base of the ear. Clean accessible portions of the ear with a cotton ball or pad. Repeat if necessary. Use once or twice a week routine basis.

OR, another method of keeping the ear open and clean, is to use one part white vinegar and one part rubbing alcohol. Mix this and keep it in a tight container, then take an eye dropper and drop a couple drops in each ear once or twice a week routine basis.

Treatment of ear infection:

Antimicrobial & Antiparasitic Ear Oil

For ear mites, or infections of bacterial or fungal origin.

Mix Equal Parts:

  • Mullein Infused Oil (extra virgin olive oil base)
  • Garlic Infused Oil (extra virgin olive oil base)
  • A couple capsules of Vitamin E to act as a preservative and to aid in skin healing.

To use: apply 6 -12 drops to the effected area of the earflap or ear canal. Flooding the ear canal is not necessary.

If you do not have these ingredients, I've already mixed this oil up for you.
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