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Clipper Blade Care

You need to clean and oil  your tools after each use, and clipper blades are no exception.  All blades become dull after extended use, but will dull even faster under the following circumstances:  clipping coarse hair;  clipping dirty hair;  not cleaning the blades after each use;  not using proper blade cleaners and lubricants;  improperly adjusted blade;  under-lubricated running rails; and improperly lubricating and maintaining the clipper.

When you first get new blades they need to be cleaned to remove the rust protective coating they are shipped with.  I actually use "real" Blade Wash to do this.

You must oil your blades before you use them.  You can use any fine oil such as "real" clipper oil or sewing machine oil.  During clipping you should clean and lubricate your blades every five minutes or so.  Some people use kerosene, and I admit I use it on occasion.  You just fill a shallow pan with kerosene and dip your blades while the clipper is still running into it.  This will clean and lubricate  the blades.  I find, though, that this can be messy because of the oiliness of the kerosene, and if you want to save the hair you should not use it.  I really like Kool Lube because it not only lubricates but also cools the blades.  It comes in a spray can, and you just spray it on the running blades.  Use this if you don't want the hair, or goat to get oily.

Your clippers came with a little brush, and you should use it to clean out the hairs that can get stuck between the teeth of the blade.

You do not want your blades to rust, so when you're done with clipping,  take the blades apart and clean the blades with either Blade Wash or hot soapy water.  Dry the blades well and give them a spray of WD-40 (we buy it by the gallon and put it in squeeze spray bottles).  Spray a paper towel with WD-40 and use it to wrap your blades, then place them in a zip-lock bag and store (preferably in the same box as your clipper).

When you're ready to use your blades again, wash off the WD-40 with hot soapy water, dry well and oil with proper clipping oil.

Happy clipping!

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