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Goat Names

The following is a listing of the names of ALL of the goats that have lived here at Fias Co Farm (including wethers). There only a couple goats on this list that didn't get named and they are noted by thier mother and sex. These were born in our first year or two of goat keeping, and the kids were sold soon after birth. I now name all kids when they are born.

I've sorted this particular list by the mother and then year of birth.

So far, I have had 272 goats grace our farm.


Fias Co Farm Goats
Name yr born Sire Dam
Lucy 1992 Noah Annie
Clyde 2000 Peregrine (Perry) April Showers
Mae Flowers 2003 Peregrine (Perry) April Showers
Botticelli 2004 Uly's Galahad April Showers
Leonardo 2004 Uly's Galahad April Showers
Shackleton 2003 Uly's Galahad Aquatania
Bumble 2004 Uly's Galahad Aquatania
Nariza 1995 unknown Belle
Jesus 1996 unknown Belle
Margie 1996 unknown Belle
Twiggy 1996 unknown Belle
buckling-Belle 1997 Moses Belle
buckling-Belle 1997 Moses Belle
Dottie 1998 Genesis Belle
Esther 1998 Genesis Belle
James 2000 Peregrine (Perry) Betty Button
Jessie 2000 Peregrine (Perry) Betty Button
Mardi Gras 1998 Sparky Blondie
Lancelot 1999 Ulysses Blondie
Uly's Galahad 1999 Ulysses Blondie
Enya 2000 Peregrine (Perry) Blondie
Blackberry 2001 Ulysses Blondie
Strawberry 2001 Ulysses Blondie
#12 1997 Troubleshooter Buffalo Gal Bruin
Cotton Tail 1997 Troubleshooter Buffalo Gal Bruin
Mr. Lee 1998 Sparky Buffalo Gal Bruin
Sarah Jane 1998 Sparky Buffalo Gal Bruin
Buster 1999 Sparkin Spartacus Buffalo Gal Bruin
Opal d'Popolis 1999 Sparkin Spartacus Buffalo Gal Bruin
Sonny Jim 1998 Cisco Bunny Fife
Garfunkle 1999 Laredo Bunny Fife
Simon 1999 Laredo Bunny Fife
Honey Bun 2000 Ulysses Bunny Fife
Maple Surple 2000 Ulysses Bunny Fife
Obie Juan 1997 Legend Burrita Bruin
Salsa Bruin 1998 Sparky Burrita Bruin
Samba Bruin 1998 Sparky Burrita Bruin
Deacon Jones 2001 Uly's Galahad Caldonia Jones
Big Trudie 2002 Peregrine (Perry) Caldonia Jones
Misha of Mars 2003 Peregrine (Perry) Caldonia Jones
Musashi 2004 Cowboy Timmy Cappachino
Hallmark 1995 Super Charger Carnation
Teeny 1999 Ulysses Casablanca
Weeny 1999 Ulysses Casablanca
Ruby 2000 Uly's Galahad Casablanca
Chew-chew 2006 Musashi Corrina
Peregrine (Perry) 1998 Paradox Creamora
Ulysses 1998 Tyler Dottie
Russell 2001 Peregrine (Perry) Enya
Muldoon McCuddy 2002 Ulysses Enya
McTeague 2003 Ulysses Enya
Megan 2003 Ulysses Enya
Sinead 2004 Ulysses Enya
Colleen 2005 Ulysses Enya
Maggie May 2006 Musashi Enya
Katie Did 2006 Musashi Enya
Buffalo Gal Bruin 1996 Goatboy Goldie
Burrita Bruin 1996 Goatboy Goldie
Blondie 1997 Troubleshooter Goldie
Trouble 'A Bruin 1997 Troubleshooter Goldie
Sparkin Spartacus 1998 Sparky Goldie
Sadie O'Grady 1999 Ulysses Goldie
Stan 1999 Ulysses Goldie
Yosh 1999 Ulysses Goldie
Nilla Puddn' 2000 Ulysses Goldie
Willie 2000 Ulysses Goldie
Niblets 2001 Ulysses Goldie
Walden 2001 Ulysses Goldie
Harvey 2002 Peregrine (Perry) Goldie
Joyce 2002 Peregrine (Perry) Goldie
Quan Yin 2002 Peregrine (Perry) Goldie
Martini 2003 Uly's Galahad Goldie
Rob Roy 2003 Uly's Galahad Goldie
Rossi 2003 Uly's Galahad Goldie
Goldie Jr (Primavera) 2004 Ulysses Goldie
Lane 2004 Ulysses Goldie
Shane 2004 Ulysses Goldie
Zane 2004 Ulysses Goldie
Kandinsky 2006 Musashi Goldie Jr
Kahlua 1997 Coffee Bean Hallmark
Koko 1997 Coffee Bean Hallmark
Tiger 1997 Coffee Bean Hallmark
Casablanca 1998 Sparky Hallmark
doeling-Halmark 1998 Sparky Hallmark
buckling-Java 1996 Goatboy Java
buckling-Java 1996 Goatboy Java
Velveeta 1996 Goatboy Java
Haiku 2000 Uly's Galahad Kabuki
Lotus Blossom 2000 Uly's Galahad Kabuki
Popov 1998 Sparky Kahlua
Stoli 1998 Sparky Kahlua
Belle 1992 Noah Kasy
James T. Kirk 2005 Ulysses La Bomba
Jean Luc Picard 2005 Ulysses La Bomba
Jimmy 2004 Uly's Galahad LaBomba
Fitzcarraldo 2006 Musashi LaBomba
Marimba 2006 Musashi LaBomba
Rory 1996 Goatboy Little Girl*
Morty 2001 Ulysses Lotus Blossom
Saul 2001 Ulysses Lotus Blossom
Yang 2002 Ulysses Lotus Blossom
Yin 2002 Ulysses Lotus Blossom
Yoko 2002 Ulysses Lotus Blossom
Lucky's Clovertop 2000 Uly's Galahad Lucky Charm
Lil' Ricky 1996 unknown Lucy
Lucas 1996 unknown Lucy
Snow Pea 1996 unknown Lucy
Bentito Goatito 2005 Musashi Macareena Beana
Peepers 2000 Uly's Galahad Maple Surple
Truffles 2001 Uly's Galahad Maple Surple
Boingo (Clark) 1999 Sparkin Spartacus Mardi Gras
Oingo (Lewis) 1999 Sparkin Spartacus Mardi Gras
Bonnie 2000 Peregrine (Perry) Mardi Gras
Creole 2000 Peregrine (Perry) Mardi Gras
Jambalaya 2000 Peregrine (Perry) Mardi Gras
buckling-Margie's 1st 1997 Moses Margie
Sabrina 1997 Moses Margie
Dash 1998 Spanky Margie
Han 1998 Spanky Margie
Handsome 2000 Ulysses Masquerade (Max)
Millie Helper 2000 Ulysses Masquerade (Max)
Google 2001 Ulysses Masquerade (Max)
Yahoo 2001 Ulysses Masquerade (Max)
Sandy Shore 2002 Uly's Galahad Masquerade (Max)
Zu-Zu Petals 2002 Uly's Galahad Masquerade (Max)
Myrtle Turtle 2003 Peregrine (Perry) Masquerade (Max)
Duke 2004 Ulysses Masquerade (Max)
Minnie Max 2004 Ulysses Masquerade (Max)
Mimi 2005 Ulysses Masquerade (Max)
Manhattan 2006 Musashi Masquerade (Max)
Ozzie 2006 Musashi Matilda
Maureen 2005 Musashi Megan
Tulip 2005 Ulysses Meridian
Rudey 2006 Musashi Meridian
Gladys 2001 Uly's Galahad Millie Helper
Genevieve 2002 Uly's Galahad Millie Helper
Lady Pimpernel 2003 Uly's Galahad Millie Helper
LaVern 2004 Uly's Galahad Millie Helper
Lena 2004 Uly's Galahad Millie Helper
Rufus 2004 Uly's Galahad Millie Helper
Tiny Dancer 2006 Musashi Miss Moto
Matilda 2004 Uly's Galahad Mytle Turtle
Bernie 2005 Ulysses Mytle Turtle
Candace the Tiny 2005 Ulysses Mytle Turtle
Jaunty 2006 Musashi Mytle Turtle
Reg 2006 Musashi Nikita
Penelope 2001 Peregrine (Perry) Nilla Puddn'
Pinky Hinky-Dink 2001 Peregrine (Perry) Nilla Puddn'
Capn' Nemo 2002 Peregrine (Perry) Nilla Puddn'
HMG Aquatania 2002 Peregrine (Perry) Nilla Puddn'
Mr. Bongo 2003 Uly's Galahad Nilla Puddn'
Tapioca 2003 Uly's Galahad Nilla Puddn'
Saphire 2000 Uly's Galahad Opal d'Popolis
Sophie Sofa 2000 Uly's Galahad Opal d'Popolis
Carmelita Pita 2001 Uly's Galahad Ovaltinaweena
Admiral Halsey 2002 Ulysses Ovaltinaweena
Lord Nelson 2002 Ulysses Ovaltinaweena
Cataleena Sheena 2003 Ulysses Ovaltinaweena
Macareena Beana 2003 Ulysses Ovaltinaweena
Baldrick 2004 Uly's Galahad Ovaltinaweena
Meridian 2004 Uly's Galahad Ovaltinaweena
Sir Edmund 2004 Uly's Galahad Ovaltinaweena
Corrine Corrina 2005 Musashi Ovaltinaweena
Ya' Bon Banania 2005 Musashi Ovaltinaweena
Czar Nickolas 2006 Musashi Ovaltinaweena
Czareenaweena 2006 Musashi Ovaltinaweena
Walnut 2003 Peregrine (Perry) Peepers
Duncan 2004 Ulysses Peepers
Little Saint Anthony 2004 Uly's Galahad Peepers
Nadia Oglethorpe 2006 Ulysses Peepers
Olga Oglethorpe 2006 Ulysses Peepers
Hoppy Poppy 2002 Uly's Galahad Petunia
Posie Parker 2003 Ulysses Petunia
Laredo 1998 Harry S. Truman Phoenix
Pete 2001 Peregrine (Perry) Pickles McBrickle
Petunia 2001 Peregrine (Perry) Pickles McBrickle
Edgar 2002 Uly's Galahad Pinky Hinky-Dink
Tiki "9 Pins" 2002 Uly's Galahad Pinky Hinky-Dink
Hoshiko 2004 Ulysses Quan Yin
Sachigoto 2004 Ulysses Quan Yin
Sangeeta 2005 Ulysses Quan Yin
Suleyman 2005 Ulysses Quan Yin
Fitzgerald 2006 Ulysses Quan Yin
Hemingway 2006 Ulysses Quan Yin
Betty Button 1999 Laredo Sabrina
Kabuki 1999 Laredo Sabrina
Chad 2000 Ulysses Sabrina
Jeremy 2000 Ulysses Sabrina
Little Miss Moto 2005 Musashi Sachigoto
Mr. Roboto 2005 Musashi Sachigoto
DeSoto 2006 Musashi Sachigoto
Hudson 2006 Musashi Sachigoto
Ovaltinaweena 2000 Peregrine (Perry) Sadie O'Grady
Shamus 2000 Peregrine (Perry) Sadie O'Grady
Deano 2001 Uly's Galahad Sadie O'Grady
Snootie Patootie 2001 Ulysses Sadie O'Grady
Mambo 1999 Sparky Samba Bruin
Havana Koobah 2000 Uly's Galahad Samba Bruin
Rumba de la Tumba 2000 Uly's Galahad Samba Bruin
Coral Reef 2004 Ulysses Sandy Shore
Ravi 2006 Musashi Sangeeta
Sanjeev 2006 Musashi Sangeeta
Twinkle 2001 Ulysses Saphire
Chloe Calderone 2002 Peregrine (Perry) Saphire
Gaspar 2002 Peregrine (Perry) Saphire
Beans 1999 Sparkin Spartacus Sarah Jane
Cornbread 1999 Sparkin Spartacus Sarah Jane
Peggy Day (Eireen) 2006 Musashi Sinead
Reet Petite 2003 Peregrine (Perry) Snootie Patootie
buckling-Snow Pea 1997 Moses Snow Pea
Bunny Fife 1997 Moses Snow Pea
doeling-Snow Pea 1997 Moses Snow Pea
Masquerade (Max) 1997 Paradox Snowcapped Onyx
Goldie 1995 Super Charger Snuggles
Esquivel! 2004 Ulysses Tiki "9 Pins"
Bugsy 2005 Ulysses Tiki "9 Pins"
Angelo DiBangelo 1998 Sparky Trouble 'A Bruin
Cletas Sue Tater 1998 Sparky Trouble 'A Bruin
Gunther 1999 Saprtacus Trouble 'A Bruin
Pickles McBrickle 1999 Sparkin Spartacus Trouble 'A Bruin
Caldonia Jones 2000 Ulysses Trouble 'A Bruin
Manny 2001 Peregrine (Perry) Trouble 'A Bruin
April Showers 2002 Ulysses Trouble 'A Bruin
Mugwort 2002 Ulysses Trouble 'A Bruin
La Bomba 2003 Peregrine (Perry) Trouble 'A Bruin
Prince Henry 2003 Peregrine (Perry) Trouble 'A Bruin
Pearl 2004 Uly's Galahad Trouble 'A Bruin
Zoe 2004 Uly's Galahad Trouble 'A Bruin
La Femme Nikita 2005 Musashi Trouble 'A Bruin
Montgomery 2005 Musashi Trouble 'A Bruin
Nahni Nahni Know 2006 Ulysses Trouble 'A Bruin
Neenah 2006 Ulysses Trouble 'A Bruin
buckling-Twiggy 1997 Moses Twiggy
Lightn'n 2002 Uly's Galahad Twinkle
Little Cloud 2002 Uly's Galahad Twinkle
Java 1992 unknown unknown
Smiley 1994 unknown unknown
Little Girl 1995 unknown unknown
Goatboy 1995 unknown unknown (Nubian)
Susy Q (Zuma) 1998 Cisco Velveeta
Gris-Gris 2003 Ulysses Zu-Zu Petals
Hoochie Coochie 2004 Ulysses Zu-Zu Petals
Mojo 2004 Ulysses Zu-Zu Petals
Ziggy 2005 Musashi Zu-Zu Petals
Zapata 2006 Ulysses Zu-Zu Petals



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