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The information on this site is intended to aid the home cheesemaker in learning simple, inexpensive, methods for making quality cheeses and dairy products for home use.


The information here covers making cheese and other dairy product with goat and/or cow milk. I, personally, use raw goat milk for all my cheeses, but most of my techniques and recipes were originally developed using raw Jersey cow milk.

We encourage you to break your link from Factory Farmed dairy products. You CAN make your own at home with milk from humanely treated animals, either raised by you, or a small farm which practices humane treatment.


Fias Co Farm cheesesFias Co Farm Cheddar & Blue

Please note: I am a home cheesemaker and produce my own dairy products for personal use only. I do not run a professional or licensed dairy and I do not sell my cheeses or any other dairy products. If you are looking for info on cheese classes, where to buy cheese, setting up a small dairy, etc., please visit The Hometown Creamery Revival web site.


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Books The very first thing I always recommend to anyone wanting to learn cheesemaking ... buy a book! ... More than one if you can find and afford it, you'll be glad you did. I have compiled the following list of useful and informative books for your convenience.
Measurements: Conversion Guides, Charts & Calculators Convert: Area, Length, Mass, Pressure, Speed, Temperature, Volume...
Cultures, lipase & molds What are bacterial cultures, what do they do, why do I need them for cheesemaking and where do I get them? How to make your own Mother cultures. Which Direct Vat Inoculate cultures, Lipase powder, Yogurt and Buttermilk cultures and Molds I use for my cheesemaking.
Cheese Makers A list of cheesemakers who make and sell farmstead/artesian cheeses.
Cheese Press A homemade cheesepressHow to build your own cheesepress.
Equipment & Supplies for Cheesemaking What equipment you need and where do you find it.
Equipment for hand milking Basic equipment you need to do your own milking hand milking, procedure of milking and how to sanitize it your equipment.

Dom's Kefir in-site- Learn practically everything you could ever want to know about Kefir and making Kefir products. This site describes in detail, what Kefir is, where it originated from and it's microflora. Instruction on making Kefir, other Kefir probiotic beverages and products such as Kefir Cheese. Also have included is section on Kombucha, and home made vinegar.

Live Kefir grain database- Kefir community site developed to help you connect and find REAL live Kefir grains.
Links- Misc. To all things cheese.
Links- Suppliers Where to get what you need to make your own cheese.
Maintaining temperature Maintaining the temperature of the curds during cheesemaking
Cheese- Fias Co Farm Fromage
Fias Co Farm Fromage- aged 4 months
Milking procedure, sanitation & equipment Hand milking procedure, what basic equipment you need to do your own milking and how to sanitize it. 
Molds Make your own molds for Chevre
Sanitation Hand milking procedure, what basic equipment you need to do your own milking and how to sanitize it. 
Supplies and Equipment for Home Cheese Making What equipment you need and where do you find it.
Supplier list Where to get what you need.
In the milkroom:
Goat wipes I like to keep these homemade "goat wipes" in the barn for lots of uses such as cleaning up goatbabies, goat butts and wiping my hands.
Teat Dip This homemade dip is just as good, if not better than "store-bought".
Udder wash This homemade udder wash is just as good, if not better than "store-bought".
White Wash You can make your own white wash to brighten up your barn.
Milk info:
Comparing Milk:  Human, Cow, Goat & Infant Nutritional needs A link to Joyce Lazzaro/Saanendoah Dairy Goats web page.  This information was compiled and referenced by  Stephanie Clark, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Dept. of Food Science and Human Nutrition, Washington State University.
Goat Milk- Nutritional breakdown Nutritional breakdown of Goat Milk and it's comparison to Cow Milk and Human Milk, with reference to look up particular infant formulas.
Reference: USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference, Release 16
Milk information Info on pasteurization, raw milk, goat milk vs. cow milk.
What is Pasteurization
Why is Raw milk better
What is Homogenization
Info about goat milk
Lactose intolerance and goat milk
What about fat content


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