Goldie's Delivery 

Goldie's kidding on 2/1, 2001

This was not a "typical" birth.


1) Normal kidding behavior


Pawing at the ground; making a "nest". Notice the tail held erect.

2) Getting "serious"
Goat giving birth

She actually got up and down, and up and down, several times after this photo was taken

3) Prekidding view
Goat giving birth

Notice how pink and swollen she is. But, she has no "goob" at all, and never did.
Most does do will have a mucus "plug" and/or a long mucus "string" that you will see.

4) Bubble

Goat giving birth

The "bubble" makes it's first appearance

5) More bubble
Goat giving birth

The bubble can appear and disappear a few times. The does can even "suck" it back in. 

I have seen whole feet come out and then the doe "suck" them back in.

6) Looking for the feet
Goat giving birth

Now is time to look and try to see, what we hope will be feet (they will be white).

7) That isn't feet
Goat giving birth

...what do we see?

8) The baby is not presented correctly.
Goat giving birth

A. a pink nose
B. a pink tongue 

The baby is not presented correctly.
She needs help.

9) Assisting
Goat giving birth

Assistant "goes in" and finds the feet.

One at a time, he brings the legs forward

10) Here she comes! 
Goat giving birth


Goat giving birth

Mother and child- both healthy and happy.



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