Enya's Delivery 

This was a "typical" birth.

Please note that Enya green butt is due to her being tattooed the day before she kidded.


Her first kidding

A first time mother-to-be thinking, "What the heck is going on?"

Here's the bubble

Now it's time to look and try to see, what we hope will be feet (they will be white).

We see a hoof 


... and back in it goes 

Here the foot has been sucked back in and the bubble has burst.

There is it again 

Pushing again. No mistaking the foot this time.

What are we seeing now? 

What do you think?

A correctly possitioned kid 

There is also another foot you cannot see in this photo.

At this point I quit taking pictures so that I could assist this first time mother by helping to pull the baby. 

Enya had no idea what just happened to her and had to be encouraged to clean her new baby. She was a very nervous first time mother and was reluctant to nurse her baby. We worked with her patiently and she eventually understood what was going on. She now is an extremely devoted mother.



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