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Homemade Teat Dip & Udder Wash Recipe

You need to wash your doe's udder before you milk her and dip her teats after.  You can buy all kinds of products to do this with, but I have found it's cheaper and easier to use bleach (Clorox).   Bleach is very effective in controlling and preventing mastitis (an inflammation of the mammary gland caused by bacteria).  And interestingly enough, I have found that my homemade bleach wash made with Clorox is gentler on my doe's udders them commercial products.  I have not had a case of "udder pox" or mastitis since I've started using Clorox udderwash/teat dip.  Please do not use cheaper bleach for the wash, it will be harsher on your and your doe's skin.

Make only enough of this wash/dip for each milking.  It does not keep.  The bleach disperses fairly quickly and you can't guarantee the mixture's sanitizing strength/ability after a few hours.  To make an udder wash/teat dip just mix:

  • 1 oz  (2 T) of bleach (Clorox only)
  • one quart of water
  • a drop of blue Original Formula Dawn dish detergent (DO NOT use any other formula!)

I like to use the blue, Original Formula, Dawn dishwashing detergent, it's the best I have found.  Like Bounty paper towels, I'd never use anything else.  Dawn (the blue, original formula) is safe to mix with bleach.  You must be very careful when mixing bleach with other products because toxic vapors can result.

To use, wash your doe or cows's udder well with your udder wash and dry with a disposable paper towel (Bounty) .  Never place a "soiled" towel back in the wash.  This will help keep the wash clean and reduce the risk of spreading any "nasties" from animal to animal.  Milk the doe or cow. Now, dip her teats.  For a teat dip cup I use disposable 3 oz. "Dixie" cups I buy at Sam's for $5 for 500.  I'm not usually a big fan of disposable things, but when it comes to milking, disposable can be a good thing.  Disposable means less chances of spreading any contaminates that may be lurking and waiting to spoil your milk or give your doe mastitis. You can use the same cup for all the does you are milking at that time. Dip the teats in the teat dip and let "air dry".

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