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Goat Photos

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PHOTO GALLERIES  -Lots of photos! and I keep adding more as time permits

Larry's got his hands full with these goatbabies

Just too cute.
Our Chickens' nesting box:

No wonder we never get any eggs...

What an odd looking chicken....
Goats- Goldie w/ her kids
Goldie feeding her daughters,
Trouble & Blondie.


Goats - Goldie and Niblets

"I love you mommy."

Goat - Pickles & Guineas-
Pickles resting among the Guineas


goats - Walden & Niblets
Walden & Niblets

One day old.

Goats - Smilie and Sabrina
Caldonia with her mother, Trouble.

Goldie's smile
I'm Goldie. If you scratch my head, I will smile for you.
I also have a pine tar mustache from eating pine trees, but that only makes me more beautiful, don't you think?

Goat - Doe - Millie


Snootie-Patootie (less then 24 hours old)
sees the sun for the first time.

Goat & Chickens

Goldie and her kids, Puddin' & Willy.
Zonked out after a long day.

Larry, Czar Nickolas, Hemmingway, Sinead, Quan Yin (head in back)

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