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They are provided for your educational information only and are not intended as treatments or claims of any cure.
June 6th, 2022

You've helped me cure blackhead!

I wanted to share one of my own discoveries that I wish I could shout from the rooftop to every turkey farmer: how to cure blackhead. We have been treating blackhead with a 75% success rate for a couple of years now. It's pretty intensive and best suited to the small farm, but it works! The only cases we cannot cure tend to be the ones that came on suddenly and severely and were caught too late.

One must keep a close eye on turkeys. Blackhead seems to be most prevalent on our Connecticut farm mid to late summer. Usually it comes when it's hot and humid, often mixed with a very rainy day or two. I assume the parasites thrive in these conditions. Narragansett turkeys tend to be between about 16 and 25 weeks when they're most often affected. During these times we give them a dose of "Molly's Herbals" wormwood parasite Formula #1 three to four days a week on their food. This is much more than she recommends, but it seems to help and has not been apparently harmful. We also don't have the best pasture so our turkeys graze on mugwort which is closely related to
wormwood. Days they're not receiving Molly's Wormwood Formula they receive the Weekly Formula #2. Apple cider vinegar in the water is also a helpful boost (1-2 tablespoons in a 5 gallon waterer).

When we notice a turkey that is lethargic and has some black freckles on it's head we separate it immediately. Maybe 20% of our flock will still be affected even with the above mentioned routine. Once separated we immediately anoint its head with Vet Rx, an essential oil blend for poultry health. We use it liberally on the head, being careful to keep it out of the bird's eyes. It receives a liberal portion of Molly's Wormwood #1 blend on it's food. I dribble a few drops of Vet Rx into the water as well. As long as the blackhead was caught before the turkey is completely limp, this usually solves the problem. We have to do this routine once a day for about 2 weeks, in which time a massive scab will peel off of the turkey's head and we consider it cured. We release the turkey back with the others, or give it a little more space freely wandering the yard. We have never had a turkey get it the second time.

My research shows humans can still consume turkeys that have had black head as it doesn't transfer. We save those for ourselves so as not to gross out any customers :P. We never breed turkeys that have had blackhead, only those we know to be resistant since it is clearly on our farm. Hopefully in time we can develop blackhead resistant turkeys!

Please help me shout this from the rooftops if you're willing!

Julia from , Connecticut
May 29th, 2022

I have been using Mollys herbs for yrs just the wormer than a couple years ago i added arthritis formula for my one little pygmy, boy has she turned it around no more limping. I decided to give the "Owees" a try when it would get bad for her so recently i had to be away from the farm for a week so hubby took the day shift daughter took the night for the milking time, by the time i got home Lucy was limping pretty good cause hubby didnt give her the dosage balls daily, so i gave her the Owee's and within a few hours she wasnt limping, i will always have something of Mollys on hand, its less than a vet bill and more effective unless its bad than I'll call a vet.
I have the salve wont be without it either, works great on us humans too!
Great herbs thank you

Janet from sultan, Washington - United States
May 13th, 2022

So one of my girls had a really bad Edema after her kids were born. This year she had twins but the year before she had a singleton and that Singleton only nursed from one side causing her utter to be lopsided and it got Edema last year as well. So this year when it was happening again even though she had twins they still prefer only one side and tens you not suck as much from the other side it’s swelled up and it’s been super hard and painful to touch and milk out even though her milk is fine and she doesn’t have mastitis. I had been putting bag balm on her udder of when I milked her but it was still rock hard and painful so I bought the mastitis salve with peppermint oil from y’all and I’ve only been using it for a week and it’s clearly helped so much her Udder is supple and soft again and not painful! The swelling is abating at a record rate.

Joyc from Smithville, Texas - United States
January 17th, 2022

We got our first goats at the beginning of 2021, and I knew that I wanted to start using your herbal dewormer from the get-go. I had heard of Molly's herbals from Jess at Roots and Refuge and Rose from Wholesome Roots. I was lucky that our first two were already on them. Since then, we've been using them, and they are healthy and happy.
But my real testimonial is about Molly's Marvelous Salve. My aunt was helping us with canning and accidentally bumped her arm on the canner, giving her a reasonably bad burn. I would have usually put aloe vera on it, but I put the salve on it. When she came back the next day, she told me how well it helped, and the mark was just barely pink. She is also diabetic, which slows healing.

Ashley from Weatherford, Texas - United States
October 22nd, 2021

My hens had been battling worms for a few years. I treated them with Panacur from the vet. This would get rid of the worms but they continued to come back. My vet heard about Molly's Herbal Worm Formula Kit and suggested it. I was skeptical but decided that I was out of options and decided to give it a try. I fed my 5 hens 1 Tablespoon of the wormer mixed with 3 scrambled eggs, once a week as the direction suggested, starting in October of 2020. I did not treat the chickens with Panucur prior to starting the herbal formula and know that they had worms because of a recent vet fecal test. After giving them the supplement for one month, I had the chicken feces tested for worms. The worms were gone! I was impressed but not convinced. I continued to give the hens the herbal supplement weekly for another month and retested, no worms. Maybe this was working! I continued the supplement and tested again in 4 months, again, no worms. Now I was no longer skeptical. The herbal supplant really got rid of the worms. It has been one year since I started giving the hens the worm formula and I just received the results of the latest fecal test worms! The herbal worm formula was the only change I made in chicken care one year ago. This is the first year that I have not had any worms or sick hens. The herbal worm formula really work! Thank you Molly's for helping my hens stay healthy!

Sharon from , Florida - United States
October 3rd, 2021

Herbal Formula #1 cured our chickens from coccidiosis!

Jessica from , Arizona - United States
September 16th, 2021

We just wanted to share with you. We took stool samples from our two miniature donkeys and our llama to the vets on Sept.13, 2021. Showed no parasites for our donkeys and a very low amount for our llama. The vet was not too concerned about the amount showing for our llama. MOLLY'S HERBS WORM FORMULA IS A FANTASTIC SUPPLEMENT THAT WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Nancy from ,
September 11th, 2021

I have two 6 month-old Nubian doelings and one recently had an accident requiring stitches for her front leg. I took both goats to my vet (travel together for goat happiness!) and he said they both looked great. Then, I asked him to take a fecal sample of the hurt goat and look at her conjunctiva. He said the conjunctiva looked good and on the fecal there were only 4 Barber Pole worm eggs found on the entire slide and only 1 Coccidia even though we have had a very wet year in our region of Texas which usually brings on a lot of Barber Pole worm problems. So, I told him that I have been using your Herbal Wormer #1 and Herbal Wormer # 2 as you advise since I got them at 8 weeks of age. He was super impressed and it made me very happy to get that objective confirmation of their health. The goat healed beautifully from her laceration and all is well. Thanks again for your wonderful products! Cate :)

Catherine from , Texas
March 6th, 2021

First I would like to thank you for what you do in animal herbalism. Second I would like to tell a story of what happened to our herd during the Great Texas Chill. As I was no stranger to extreme cold weather our goats were. Our matriarch of the herd who has the genetics, that if she was human, would have a pay-per-view channel displaying her rather large utters. It was her utters that were the problem. No matter how much I prepared the goat shed with extra bedding and insulation it did not prevent Goldie from getting frostbite on one of her utters.

On top of the frost bite she got misstates in that same utter. There was no way to remove the misstates since the utter was frost bitten and a shield of dead tissue formed in less than 24 hours. The whole utter was frost bitten and Goldie was running a stream of green mucus from her nostrils. My first reaction was to hand feed her as much of the Breathe Ease tea that she wanted. The next step was to add half a cup to her feed to fortify her condition. The third was to use the Utter Butter to save what I could, if at all, of her utter.

It is my personal belief based on how Goldie reacted to the herbs that it was your product and my diligence that saved her life. Unfortunately half of her utter was removed today and the cavity cleaned out. However, she is alive and hours after her field surgery is as demanding as ever.

With the Breathe Ease Goldie was able to support her immune system which gave her a massive advantage. With the Utter Butter she was able to keep half of her utter. Unfortunately her pay-per-view channel will suffer a hit.

All in all I wanted to thank you for what you provide for us customers. Please continue doing the great things that you do!

Timothy from ,
January 13th, 2021

I can't thank you enough for your products... I am a high school science teacher with a small herd of fainting goats. We recently acquired 4 young wethers (all the same age).. 3 were very healthy and began to thrive immediately. But one seemed sickly from the beginning-- much smaller than the rest. We couldn't get rid of his repeated diarrhea and loose stools. Fecal testing by the vet would show alternating issues with coccidia and/or worms. We were on a roller coaster of meds from vet -- nothing worked. He'd clear up for 10 days then return to diarrhea and lethargy. Finally, I decided to try your wormwood formula #1 and #2. In two months, the vet checked fecal again... she couldn't believe what she saw ... no eggs and marked reduction in coccidia. She asked me if I was sure this was the same goat!? Last month, we added the immune support and all I can say is... he is not the same scrawny, weak little goat! He has doubled his size, his coat is beautiful and thick, his energy level is equal to the others... and no more loose stools. WOW! thank you!

Robin from , OH
January 12th, 2021

I'm going to be honest, this was a last ditch effort to save our goat herd kids. We have a big herd that has always been extremely healthy. I do all of our own fecal testing prior to deworming so they do not become resistant. They are kept in extremely dry/clean environments and open pasture. I rarely have a worm problem....until this year. My kids thrived as usual until they hit about 6 months of age. I noticed that they were losing weight and their FAMACHA scores were terrible. I was worried it was coccidia, although we've only ever had a couple lambs with that over the years and these kids had no signs of it other than weight loss and of course anemia. Soooo, I got out the microscope and could not believe what I saw. They were INFESTED with barborpole worms. For any goat and sheep farmers out there, you know that a "higher" worm egg count is around 600-800. Some of mine were at 10,000. Yes, 10 THOUSAND. I freaked out and immediately treated with (over 2 weeks time period) 2 doses of chemical dewormer. However, they continued to go downhill. A couple of them should have been dead. That's how anemic they were. Got out my microscope again and there was no improvement. Called vet, she told us to hit them with a three-way dewormer. I literally cried 2 weeks later when there was only a 10% reduction.This years kids were ALL resistant. I still don't understand this, as we have never dewormed without fecal samples first. Everyone told me not to bother with herbals, however, I thought, I use natural stuff with my family- it's worth a shot for my goats. They were literally dying. It's not like it would make it worse. I did Formula #1 (double dosed it) for 3 days. Then continued as instructed with the formula #2 over the next few weeks. After doing fecal samples at the 2 week mark, I noticed a 50% reduction. They still had terrible counts, but only 50% of what it was! I just kept up the routine. By the 6 week mark, they were perking up a bit and their FAMACHA score was good! I did the formula #1 again (at a double dose) then did a fecal sample 2 weeks later. Most of my kids are at a 300 or LOWER egg count!!!! They are ALL scoring a 1 on FAMACHA, gaining weight and running around like nothing happened I have only 3 kids right now that are "higher" (400-600) and one that is a 1300. That one was in the 10 thousands originally, so we're still seeing a drastic reduction and her FAMACHA score is a 1, so I'm confident her numbers will keep going down! I literally can't say enough about this formula. Our vet has been shocked. This years kids all should be dead, but thanks to your formula and a lot of prayer, they're thriving!

Kristen from , Ohio - United States
October 30th, 2020

The Marvelous Salve is a wonderful product. I had a Dorper sheep ewe with a vet confirmed fungus issue on top of her head and behind ears. Tried multiple products like Fungasol which kept it in check but never cured. 2 weeks of Molly's salve and the spots are gone--hair grown back completely-and has not returned yet over the past 3 weeks. Good Stuff!

Rick from Hondo, Texas - United States
January 16th, 2020

Molly's marvelous is the best product I have every used on my feet. After multiple dermatologist prescribed hundred of dollars of medication to cure cracked skin and heals with no result. I started to use Molly's Marvelous salve and within two weeks my healed and now my feet are totally soft and crack free.

Thank you Molly for Creating such a great natural product


Robert from Williamston , Michigan - United States
December 17th, 2019

Shortly after purchasing Molly's Marvelous Salve my husband was diagnosed with shingles. He started using the salve and it helped him so much! It reduced the pain and reduced the development of the blisters. He found that after applying the salve his skin was not as sensitive. Thank you so much for this wonderful product. It smells wonderful and was so soothing. He doesn't think he could have made it through this painful 4 weeks without it.

Sandy from , Texas
April 10th, 2019

We have been using the herbal wormer for around a year now and we are still absolutely thrilled with it. We have lost two goats to worms- one was before we started with this and the other was shortly after. We think we may not have decided to start this early enough with her and her worm load was just too big as we combined using this treatment and chemical wormers.
However the rest of the herd has been noticeably better since being put on this treatment. I used to check eyelids every day or every other day to monitor their health and now its maybe once a week or two i'll take a peek. Its taken a lot of stress off of us on monitoring and worrying about their health and they definitely look like they are doing better all around. Would definitely recommend the herbal wormer, and I am definitely considering other products when a need arises in the future.

Samantha from Kalamazoo, Michigan - United States
November 30th, 2018

I love this stuff because it actually works!! My goats are so much healthier
now that I use this. Molly’s recommendations and schedule for using this on
kid goats works extremely well. My kids grow big and strong!

Rose from , New Jersey
October 11th, 2018

I want to thank you for such a wonderful wormer!! I was very skeptical but decided to try it. All I can say is THANK YOU!! My herd of 14 goats look and feel amazing! I was using chemical wormers that never seemed do the job. Now that they have been on your herbal wormers they all look great!!! I sent in fecal and this is what the results were:

"The overall parasite burden in your herd is very low, it is rare to see results this low. Of note, the only worm eggs noted were capilaria. While they are a worm, they are not considered to cause problems. I do include them in the report when I find them because they are there. Some of the goats also had low levels of coccidia but not high enough to be causing a problem either. It is pretty normal to see a few coccidia even in adults.

Thank you so much!!!!

Jackie from Traverse City, Michigan - United States
June 1st, 2018

Several weeks ago I contacted you asking about using the wormer on my horses. Well I did. They look better than they ever have. My 18 year old mare looks fantastic and has more energy than I've seen in a year or two. Even my non-horsey friends can see a difference in their coat and general good health.

I continue to use it on my goats and seldom need to use anything more invasive than your wormer.

I couldn't be more happy with your product.

Elizabeth from ,
February 24th, 2018

I have to say that your herbal supplements are amazing! We have a goat with CAE who is like our handicapped child (she also only has three legs). A month ago, we thought for sure we would have to put her down. She was sick but the cold in MA had just done a number on her arthritis. As a last ditch attempt, I found your supplements online (Arthritis & Joint Support), read the reviews and told my husband we have nothing to lose so let's just try it.

The results have been AMAZING. Baby Goat is now up and moving, running around in circles, she stands most of the day and she has shed the extra weight by being so immobile. It is incredible. We feed it to her in a banana (we cut out a part of the banana and put it inside). She loves it! I can't thank you enough.

Annie from ,
July 27th, 2017

I purchased your de-worming kit and got it just in time! One of my hens was sluggish, "crawling" under the coop. I mixed up a strong solution of #1 & gave to her in a dropper. She perked right up, the next day appeared to be back to normal. I did give her some of #2 after the 3rd day and she is out with the rest of the hens now. I wormed the entire flock and plan to use your product as directed. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Laura from ,
July 1st, 2017

I was so excited when we received the results of the fecal test of our Hinny I had to write. We bought a Hinny last October and we were told she had been dewormed. We took samples for a fecal test count in November and the results were horrifying. Her strangles egg count was 300. I immediately put her on your deworming program, which we had been using for the cats and dogs for tapeworms, and our miniature horse. The next fecal count test was in April. The result of that egg count was 85. I was absolutely thrilled. This herbal formula works and it works well. It is also nice to know that it is helping our animals in other ways as well and not poisoning them.

Robin from ,
May 18th, 2017

I'm a first time goat owner of four Pygmies. I've used your worm formula since I got the goats a year ago; today their fecal tests are 100% negative. I'm very grateful for all the great information you share through your website; it's been a godsend. Thank you Molly!

Victor from ,
November 8th, 2016

I wanted to drop you a note and tell you how happy we are with your product, our little ladies love it! It's a treat for them, you should hear the smacking going on when I add it to their grain on the weekend. It is so much easier than using the chemicals. We and they always dreaded that day coming, but with your formula it's a day to look forward to. Thank you so much!

David & Julie from , Tennessee
October 17th, 2016

I had gotten worm test results (for my 3 Pygmy Goats) showing only Coccidiosis as being low. (Others were zero.). My one vet wanted me to treat them with Albon because it had been so long since I'd done it (before starting your herbs.). I decided to perform your Coccidiosis treatment regime instead. I also raised their dose to 1 Tablespoon, since you felt it would be safe. Well, I had the little guys tested again. Zero Ova and zero Parasites!! I'm absolutely thrilled! It will be interesting the next time I see that vet and tell her what I used. Thank you so very much for your help with all of this. You've been wonderful.

Amy from ,
November 19th, 2015

We live in Colorado's Front Range, which normally boasts a semi-arid, high-plains climate. I chemically de-wormed our two does when we first transported them here from a California dairy as kids, because they were very sick with parasites and stressed from the trip.... After subsequent fecal tests found no evidence of parasites, I felt no further need to worm them.

We bred them last December, at three years of age. After kidding in May, one of these milking does developed wet, sticky stools. I thought it was clearing up, but then it reappeared. So, I took a fecal sample to our local vet, who performed an in-house, visual test. He found a “light infestation” of the genus “Strongyloides” (possibly of the species “Papillosus”). He called this “threadworm” and said he does not often see it in our area. A subsequent Internet search gave me the impression that this threadworm generally appears in wetter climates. However, our normally dry climate was soaking wet last spring. We received a normal year’s worth in just 5 months, most of it in May!

While reiterating that he did not see a “heavy load”of this parasite, the vet suggested that we worm our goats, using Fenbendazole. Otherwise, he predicted the infestation would increase and compound. When I reminded him that we drink their milk and do not relish the thought of consuming medication, he said we could wait until we dried off the does. Another vet friend, who owned and operated goat dairies for many years, also suggested I use an oral paste to worm the does after drying them off (specifically recommending Pyrantel Pamoate). However, he suggested protecting the kids by worming them right away, and again when I wormed the adults.

I hesitate to use medicines and/or chemicals, so I hoped to find an effective, safe, holistic way to get rid of this parasite (even though both the above vets doubted such treatments would work). I learned about Molly's Herbal Wormer and a competitor's remedy. Unfortunately, I tried the other brand first. After dutifully following their six-week regimen, I had my goats retested. Not only did they still have Strongyl Ova, they had acquired a large infestation of Giardia Cysts!

I was about to give up on herbal remedies, but decided to try Molly's before resorting to chemical medicine. Surprise, surprise, it worked! I just had my goats retested and there was no evidence of either Strongyloides or Giardia! Thank you Molly for your simple, fabulous formula, and for your patience in guiding me through the process!

Thanks again!

Mark from , Colorado
November 3rd, 2015

We used the mo-milk on an adult llama who had just birthed a cria when her milk started fine then all but stopped. 24 hrs. after being on the momilk she started producing again and weined a very nice female cria. The next pregnant female was give momilk in her third trimester. Can't say it helped or not but she's producing an abundance of milk. This cria is fantastic also! Thanks!

Tim from Muscotah, Kansas - United States
October 5th, 2015

I used the wormer on my Goats in the past and now for the last year and half I have used it on my horse and last week I sent his poop into the lab for testing because the Vet was skeptical about the natural dewormer working and I just got the results today nothing not a worm or egg, everyone was very surprised how great it works. I made sure to tell all my Horse friends.
I'm so happy I don't have to use the Chemicals on my horse any more.
Thanks :)

Darcy from Fort McMurray, Alberta - Canada
July 15th, 2015

I LOVE all your stuff. I really like the marvelous salve. I take a dollup and rub it into my goats hair and on their ears. It works great as a fly and pest deterrent because it is a little oily. Plus it makes them smell like they have perfume on. Love the dewormer, just everything. Thanks so much.

Rachel from Fountain, Colorado - United States
March 31st, 2015

I student in Organic Animal Product
I need site or information package about using herbal for goat treatment

Seyed Mahmoud from Cairo, Egypt
March 10th, 2015

I want to start by saying "thank you" for selling your herbal goat dewormer. I love the product and have amazing results to share. I put two of my most wormy goats on your wormwood formula and tonic as per your instructions with the product in September 2014. Three of my goats were put on just the tonic due to being pregnant. I did a fecal sample test from all my goats yesterday (using your fecal sampling instructions from the Fiasco Farm site). The three goats on just the tonic had lots of stomach worm eggs, probably Haemonchus. I was assuming the two on the wormwood would have some worms since the other three were so bad. Well, those two had NO worm eggs at all! I was completely floored to see such obvious results about the efficacy of the wormwood formula. I am especially pleased to see that my two goats who have always been plagued by worms regardless of if I treated them constantly with a rotation of chemical dewormers or with Hoegger's Herbal Dewormer were free of worm eggs finally.

Please keep up the good work!!

Rose from ,
February 26th, 2015

Thanks so much for the rush order of udder salve. I had two does kid within four days and neither one seems to want to nurse their kids. We are putting the babies on them in the stand and then finishing by hand. Both udders were so hard it was nearly impossible to milk, not to mention painful. The massage with your salve has worked wonderfully on both my girls so I ordered another one to make sure I don't run out! Thanks again.

D from ,
February 10th, 2015

I am writing to thank you and to report great success with your product!!!!

Last May, Nutmeg was a downed, very ill, depressed, emaciated, stiffened and painful goat unable to walk with no desire to eat and very near death. I was exhausted having tried everything to save her life. Your product was literally our last hope.

You graciously prioritized my order even though you were very busy and I got it quickly.
Arthritis Joint Support Formula saved Nutmeg's life!!!!!

I gave your herbs with a little vitamin c powder and after 3 days of treatment Nutmeg walked out of the barn without aid for the first time in weeks. Her improvement was marked and within a week she wanted to go to the milk barn again. Within two weeks no appearance of pain.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for your wonderful
product and your excellent customer service with all aspects of the order!

Kim from ,
January 22nd, 2015

My order got shipped out yesterday and I got it in the mail today!!!!! Thank you so much very excited to use the products :)

christie from Ovid, Michigan - United States
December 1st, 2014

I have been a believer in herbal remedies for years, but when I discussed the use of your herbal supplement with my goat vet, she and another of her colleagues did not hold any faith in their effectiveness. I decided to do an experiment. I gave chemical wormers to all of my goats except my one doe currently lactating. I wormed her with your 2 part wormer for a few months. (3-4) I recently moved her into a separate stall along with another gal to keep her company while I weaned her daughter. I kept the 2 does in a stall together for a little over a month. I just received the stool sample results from the two of them. My lactating herbal wormed doe is parasite free! The other is due her monthly dose of chemical wormer and she showed 2 types of parasites and cocci. When I told the vet that the parasite free doe was the one on herbal wormer, I could have knocked her over with a feather! She said, "Well keep on doing it! And get the others on it too!" She said she has an Amish client that struggles with parasites in his herd and she wants to tell him all about these results. ;) I just thought you should hear a rave review! Thanks for the great product and all your wonderful goat wisdom sharing!

Courtney from , Ohio - United States
November 9th, 2014

I purchased several herbal wormer kits for my 15 goats, thinking they would last 6-8 months. WRONG! I am barely into the second month and have already had to open a third #1 formula bag. Early in the new treatment program (about the third or fourth week) I lost a 5 month old youngster and almost lost two yearlings all from parasite infestations. The herbal wormer seems fine if used in conjunction with chemical wormers, but so far it has not proven itself to be a stand alone product for my herd. I mix the wormer (and some DE) in the goats yeast culture and they eat it just fine. (they love their yeast).
Although black walnut is a good and effective wormer, I would NEVER give it to horses as it can cause founder and in rare cases death. It can also cause founder in other hooved animals, but in higher doses. Horses seem to be more sensitive.
All in all this deworming program is proving to be too expensive and not as effective as I had hoped for, even though I have followed the instructions to the letter.

Susan from , Tennessee - United States
August 13th, 2014

I have a herd of 15 goats, 13 are Angoras. I tried Herbal wormer several years ago but did not have the benefit of the Famacha Eye Chart and the wormer did not have a specific program of how to use it. So after not being able to keep the worms under control I went to chemical wormers, and as each one became resistant I started looking at Herbal Wormers again. I found your site and read all I could, my goats at this point were all scoring on the high end of the Famacha chart(very good) and I had added other worm preventative practices to my herd management. I ordered a starter supply and gave them Wormer 1 by dosage gun--Yuck-took longer and was more upsetting for the goats so I decided with Formula 2 weekly doses I would try dosage balls. First time, about 4 of them needed to have them put in their mouths, next week it was only 2 and today everyone gobbled them up! Dosage balls take me only about 20 minutes to make 30, and they eat them in about 10 minutes! I make the balls then roll them in slippery elm and DE earth -they look like powdered donut balls. Thank you, great product, prompt service and most important for me a program to follow. I check their eye color every week and even though this is prime worm season they all still score high on the Famacha chart.

Linda from Mora, Minnesota - United States
August 6th, 2014

When we got our first 2 Nubians two years ago, we gave them Hoegger's Herbal Wormer. We never once needed to use a chemical wormer, and we lived in south Louisiana, which is very hot and wet.

We moved to east Texas a year ago, but Hoegger was out of their wormer for months and months. Bam! We were constantly giving them chemical wormers, and their color still wasn't good.

Mary was bred in November, and the stress of pregnancy made it even harder. After successfully kidding with twins, receiving two more doelings from the breeder a month after that, and still no Hoegger wormer in stock, I saw internet comments about Molly's Herbal Wormer and ordered it.

None of our goats will eat it, but we have a sturdy drench gun and Sunday is "wormer day." We started 6 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago, Mary tore her teat open and had to be stitched. (This made milking difficult, to say the least.) When she got her stitches out, my husband took a fecal sample (just dropped) to the vet to take a look at. When she heard we were using herbal wormer she not only looked at it, but grabbed another sample (newly dropped at the vet's office) and, in her words, "tore them apart" trying to find worm eggs.

ZERO WORM EGGS. I was amazed.

I am not opposed to bringing out the chemical guns, if really necessary, but if this herbal wormer continues to be this effective, the chemical wormer (if needed) will be even more effective because worm resistance will be minimal.

And Molly's customer service is outstanding.

Thank you, Molly's Herbals!

Lani from Lufkin, Texas - United States
July 9th, 2014

Molly, Thanks you so much for your Marvelous Salve. It has been used by my elderly father which cleared up his bed sores and pressure wounds It was applied on my sister's dog who had a chronic scratching problem it cleared that up. My brother in law decided to use it since it worked so well on his dog. He says it is great cream. I have used it on sores, scars, dry patches on my skin. It definitely is Marvelous Salve.

KAREN from OLYMPIA, Washington - United States
March 20th, 2014

Had a strange year in 2013 with does who were tired in labour, poor contractions, not pushing well, tired after, placentas which were late in coming. So far this year, after using this great herbal mix, I have had two excellent kiddings so far quads, one triplets- kids came quickly and the placenta was there within one hour with both does. The mix was really fresh and the does like it. I feel this may be a very good product in supporting pregnancy, labour and birth.

Mary from kelowna, British Columbia - United States
March 6th, 2014

Molly, I want you to know that we are new to the dairy goat lifestyle and your website and herbal products are amazing. We have 2 Nigerian goats and a Saanen that just kidded yesterday. We did not know that the Saanen was pregnant, which was a bonus. when we did find out we purchased your pregnancy tonic which is amazing. Now, not aware on how long she had been pregnant, we were guessing some where around the end March, when she would deliver. Well, we were wrong; March 5th she delivered two beautiful does on her own with no one to assist. I believe that the tonic helped her deliver on her own, every thing turned out wonderful with no complications. Thank you for your herbal products and your wonderful website, it truly helps everyone who wants to raise goats. Our farm will continue to purchase from Fiasco Farm, thanks again. Ken

Ken from Milton, New Hampshire - United States
January 17th, 2014

Love this dewormer! I have used it on my Nigerian Dwarf goats for about a year and a half and I love the results! There is NO milk withdrawal and it is HEALTHY. Because of their small size (about 50-70 lbs), 1/2 Tbsp. has been working well for me. I have also started using it on my new Livestock Guardian Dog pup. It is VERY affordable compared to traditional dewormer drugs.

J from Upstate, South Carolina - United States
August 27th, 2013

My Arab mare contracted Potomac Horse Fever as a yearling and ended up on tetracycline for 6 days, which destroyed her immune system. She's had worms for years, despite rigorous worming, cycling through all the chemical wormers. She's never had a mane or tail because she rubs it all off. After one dose, she's quit! I've rarely seen anything work so quickly. Definitely continuing to use this, as well as recommend it. Thanks!

Jaime from Falmouth, Virginia - United States
June 30th, 2013

I purchased a little pygmy billy 2 months old that I thought was healthy. After 2 weeks of waiting for him to settle down to his new home and get happy I determined he was sick and needed to go to the vet since I am a new goat owner and now very experienced. My vet acted knowledgeable and $100 later he pretty much said he couldn't do anything that he was loaded with worms and not responding very well to chemical worming. I took matters into my own hands and found Molly's website and ordered the herbal worming formula. Within days Cowboy was running and playing with the other goats. I now worm all of my goats with Molly's formula and they look fantastic. I am sure Cowboy would have died had I not found this information.

Roxie from Pottsville, Texas - United States
June 22nd, 2013

I have been using Molly's Wormer since getting our first goats last year. It works wonderfully for the goats as well as our dogs (esp. my lab whom I had given several chemical wormers for tape worm with no luck). I have never immunized or used chemical wormers thus far on our goats. This month I had a goat get sick (not worms) and unfortunately died. When her sister got the same illness I panicked and called out a vet (we had not used one prior to this). His first comment was about my herbal wormer and said I needed a "stronger, chemical wormer". I explained I did not feel this was the problem, and long story short after much back and forth he checked there worm count and it was great. He actually said "Apparently this herbal wormer is working for you so I wont tell you to stop using it". I just wanted to share with you. I felt it was a very important moment for me and my holistic adventure as well as for the kudos you (Molly) deserve for your wormer formula as well as all the amazing advice you provide to us new goat farmers. Not to leave you hanging, salmonella was the enemy in this case. Our compost bin we suspect is the culprit and is being moved ASAP. Thank you so much for all you do. ; )

Jennifer from Concord, Virginia - United States
March 1st, 2013

My daughter has a Nigerian Dwarf goat that is kept at her high school (she is in FFA). We started the goat on your worm formula in January (she was pregnant, so just formula 2), plus two other goats at the school, and all three had very minimal worms (not enough to warrant worming) when checked a few weeks ago. I realize this may not be time enough to tell for certain it's working, but we believe it is. My daughter's goat kidded today (first freshening...and it's a doe!), and we will start momma on formula 1 tomorrow and baby in a few weeks. Her delivery today was EXTREMELY quick (less than two hours from showing first signs of labor to delivery), and I attribute this in part to your pregnancy herbs, which she's been on since about six weeks ago...and will continue to be on for the next several weeks. THANK YOU for all the wonderful information on both of your websites and thank you for your wonderful herbal products (we also have, and use, the Breathe-EZ-T, Immune ST and Ow-ez--which we gave to momma goatie right after she kidded).

Kathy from Tampa, Florida - United States
February 20th, 2013

Molly, I want you to know that your worming formula saved a 7 month old miniature horse life! I rescued her and she was so sickly she would barely eat. I wormed her with chemical wormers and nothing was working. I started doing research on wormers, because I knew that this was her problem, and found your web site. It literally saved her life! Your prompt shipment helped as well! I did the three day dose on her and about 2 or 3 days later I started seeing tons of round worms!! It took about 4 weeks to completely rid her of them that's how infested she was. Now she is a very happy, active and loving to eat little mini filly!! Thank you so much! I know with out a doubt she would have died without your wormer! Thank you!!!! Penny says thank you too!!

Mindy from Gladewater, Texas - United States
February 13th, 2013

I am very pleased with Molly's herbal worm formula. I appreciate how fast my formula was shipped out. I recieved it in 2 days time. All of my goats but one have responed well with this formula. Their eyes and mouths are starting to redden up, and they act like the feel much better overall. They are keeping their tails up and feeling good. I only have one doe that is not responding well, but I am hopefull that over time, and working with the herb formula we will overcome her worm problem. I am very happy with my purchase. Thanks Molly.

Heather from Falls of Rough , Kentucky - United States
January 6th, 2013

I have been using the worm formula on my goats for over 2 years and have not seen one worm since then. When I first got my goats I was having a terrible time with worms, luckily I had been on your site before getting other information and had read about your formulas. It did not take me long to decide to try them and I am forever grateful. We had our first babies last spring. I noticed a few worms in one of them and got them started on the formula and all have been great since then.
I also have my dog on the Arthritis & Join formula, since I was told she needed surgery for her knee. I couldn't afford that so on the formula she went. She has been great since then. Never even needs an aspirin anymore. I just started my wether on it tonite. He has front legs that sound like rice krispies and has been favoring one leg the past few days. It has been very cold. I hope to see improvement in him. Thankyou so much, please don't ever discontinue these formulas!

Darcy from Accord, New York - United States
September 9th, 2012

I've been using the Herbal Worm Formulas for a year and my goats are worm free. I had them tested twice in the last year and each time they tested clean as a whistle. My vet is very impressed!!

Kathy from Deming, Washington - United States
August 19th, 2012

This was my first year raising goats. I have had alot of experenice with cows, possible because I have been raising them now for about 7 years. I have been from hell in back this year. I started with 6 babies that I got from my two nubain does. I had 12 goats total, withg my bucks, and oberhasli doeling that I bought from Consider Bardwell. I had noticed that my kids where doing so well! Then one day I went out in the barn they where all sick. I called my et and he had done a fecal sample on 12 goats at $25 each. He said that there was nothing wrong, and he said that I was feeding them to much milk give them pepto and they will be fine and worm them. So I did this and I saw that they babies stopped getting runs after a few days and I thought maybe I was feeding them to much milk. So like a week later they started there symptems again. So I called my vet back again, and he said oh just put yogurt in there milk, they should get better and worm them again. I did do this but I called another vet for there thoughts, So they came and did a fecal sample at 25 each... they said they didn't see anything wrong. So I was started giveing the lots of eletrolites and water all day. I went out that morning and one of my babies where dead. I was so heart broken. So I rushed 2 of them that where the worst to the vets and the vet said that he can't find what is wrong with them. I was sick of these vets not brain storming what could be wrong, So I did research. I founf out that these babies where loaded with a few different types of worms. I came home and I just lots 2 of my babies, then that night I lots all of them but one wether, my 3 buck, 2 does, and oberhasli. I was so frustraed. I was doing what the vets where telling me to do. So come to find out that the parisits found in a goat wll build up imuntiy to wormers that are not herbal. I had this 3rd vet I found in chester come up, and help me, she said to worm them asgain. I had tried alot of wormers and even wormers vets where giving me and none of it was working. I was unsure on how my goats got the parasits because I was VERY, VERY clean. So one day out in the goat barn I see that my last baby a wether is just laying there, he had lots alot of weight, his gums here white. I thought to my self I refuse to lose another animal! So I was online looking for herbs to give to prevent parasits, and I came acrossed Molly's Herb's. I started feeding it right away! withing 2 days I saw a huge difference, My goats where goats again, they are running around playing, they stopped haiving the runs, and there eyelids look amazing! this just happend in 2 days! I was so happy! My cow freshend the other day and I noticed that my calf was a little scoury, I have him some of the formal 1 that has blackwalnut in it, and that night he was haveing normal poop!!!!! My vets told me that the herbs where going to be a waste of my money, and that they don't work around here in vermont. That was not true at all! what the vets where selling me was a waste of my money, and this stuff really works.Plus there is no fighting with the goat, they eat it right up, goats have never had as much fun as they do now getting there wormer! Molly I cant thank you enough!!!!! you are such a great person, and so very smart! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!


Kasaundra from Landgrove, Vermont - United States
August 2nd, 2012

I purchased your Herbal Worm Formula Kit for my doe who has been having weight problems and clumpy poop (I suspected worms) and it works like magic! In not even 12 hours of first using it, my doe's poop are dark, firm berries (how they are SUPPOSED to be) and they haven't been that way for months! Thanks for making a worming product that actually works!

Teresa from Wilton, California - United States
July 14th, 2012

I used your wormer as prescribed for 3 days on a boer doe who weighed about 145 lbs. She had bottle jaw. After 7-10 days, I did a fecal on her per your instructions, they work very well for me.
The doe was still LOADED with worms. As far as I can tell, the wormer didn't work at all. Would appreciate your feedback. I really like the idea of an herbal wormer but must have something that works.
Thanks, Helen Wagner

Helen from Waxahachie, Texas - United States Minor Outlying Islands
June 14th, 2012

I gave my one year old cat some of the wormwood for 3 days in a row.  I made tiny balls with the slippery elm powder, and had to force feed her.....She had a reaction to it, which slowied her down to sleeping day and night.  Her right eye clouded over and reflected light oddly.  I wondered if I had given her too much, or if it was incompatible with her system. But these symptoms gradually subsided over the week.  I gave her worm formula #2 at the start of the second week of the de-worming procedure. After only one week she was more alert, quick, and happy than she was for months.  She plays again like she did as a kitten.  What wonderful and quick results!  She must have had a load of parasites. I am so impressed by the effectiveness of Molly's herbal worm formulas.

Loren from Rockport, Washington - United States
May 23rd, 2012

Greetings, I just wanted to say that after making the Herbal De-wormer into dosage balls my 3 goats really love their Sunday treat! When they get a sniff of the treat they will follow me until they get some!Thanks for a great product! ~John

John from Alfred, New York - United States
May 6th, 2012

Our 9 year old Aussie mix has been living with both of her knees blown out for the past 8 years. Needless to say we have had her on joint supplements. However this past year she has not been doing very well...until last month when we purchased Molly's Arthritis/joint formula. After only two weeks she is doing amazing. We even caught her trying to run to the barn the other day. Also we use it on our 3 yr. old LGD AkBash who jumps fences from pasture to pasture. His gait has changed to a prance since on this formula instead of a slow walk. Thank you so much Molly for such an exceptional product. We shall continue to buy this formula for as long as you make it.

Chrys from Northport, Washington - United States
March 9th, 2012

I've been using the Herbal Worm Formula for months and my precious goats and doggy are worm free. Also, Our adopted mutt healer's skin health is amazing since using the Herbal Worm Formula!! She has a full, sleek coat, no more red-raw patches or scabs and no more scratching and chewing her skin to the bone. I love the holistic approach to being healthy and happy. I've just purchased the Preg Tonic and Herbal Dietary Supplement for my doe and I'll include the Herbal Dietary Supplement in my two Nigerian wether's rations.

Thanks for providing great information and products!

Kathy from Deming, Washington - United States
February 29th, 2012

It works just as well as mine. Thanks Molly!!! Now I know where to go if I run out again next winter!

Jay from , Tennessee - United States
February 21st, 2012

Can't say much about how the wormer works yet. I will post back with the results though!

Molly uses a lot of the same plants I use in kine so I am almost sure her product will work!

I ran out of my organic wormer and my plants aren't in season right now so thought I'd give this stuff a tr. There are a lot of people that swear by Molly's worming products and I can't wait to try it out on my dairy goats.

Jay from , Tennessee - United States
December 6th, 2011

Muillen Ear Oil,

This stuff is amazing!! I have been using it on Casey my Airedale, with very good results for cleaning of the ear area. More recently I had a heck of an irritated ear, and thought if it seems to do that well on his skin, what have I got to loose but the itch and irritation. I put several drops on a cotton swab and wiped the affected areas. The relief was very noticeable in about 24 hours. An amazing itch reliever. WOW I've Seen the light. It was just like Casey says - OOOOh Yeah. That's the spot. right there.

Thomas from Okemos, Michigan - United States
December 4th, 2011

I have two wethered Toggenbergs who have been using nothing but these herbals as a wormer since they were three weeks old, and I have never had any issue with worms in them. They are healthy and pink in the eyelids. It worked so well for them, that I decided to switch my sheep over to them. I have had good results overall with all but one of my sheep, Lilija, though I must explain in further detail, because the herbs also helped save her life. Lilija ended up having a low natural resistance to worms, unlike the other sheep, and H. contortus took over. She had a heavy worm load even before I started the herbals, and is a very picky eater, so was not good about eating all of her weekly herbs. As a result, her weight dipped, and she became so anemic that she bottle jawed. I exhausted every chemical wormer at two different vets, and none had any effect against this strain of H. contortus. What finally turned her around were two things: 1. I started drenching her with a double dose of the form. 1 for three days, and now drench her weekly to make sure she gets the full dose. 2. I increased her copper intake by mixing goat feed into her sheep feed. (Note: Yes, sheep are more copper sensitive than goats, but they still NEED copper. Most commercial sheep feeds have far too little copper in them, leaving the sheep more susceptible to worms, since copper is a natural wormer. Plus, Lilija is a black Icelandic sheep, and black sheep have higher copper needs than white sheep. I researched safe tolerances for sheep and copper, and figured that I could safely mix the goat feed without giving her a lethal dose of copper.) The herbal wormers alone, even at double dose, did not take down her wormload to safe levels. But when I increased the copper intake in addition to the herbs, I was finally able to get her wormload down. She is now nice and pink and no longer anemic, is spunkier and bouncier than when I purchased her, and is a good weight again. Where chemical wormers failed me, natural remedies, and specifically Molly's herbal formula, saved my sheep. I just wanted to share, in case someone else ran into the same problem I did. And also so other people know these herbs do work!

Rebecca from Belview, Minnesota - United States
November 10th, 2011

Hi Molly,
one of our goats developed laminitis. After an inital pain treatment with banamine which helped a little, we switched to Ow-Eze for longer term pain management and to our surprise she improved dramatically. It really works.

Thanks so much for a great product. We are now also using it for disbudding.


Julia from Pinetta, Florida - United States
October 20th, 2011

Hi Molly: Your Immune ST proved to be a lifesaver--saved the life of 3 of my pasture animals. It finally, at long last, cured the diarrhea of my female Bore Goat who was so emaciated and dehydrated; but now sports a silky well developed coat of hair. My male neutered Bore Goat was dribbling urine--not a good sign as it could crystalize. I immediately gave him Immune ST for a few days, and also supplemented this with EZP AND Buck Booster. The most amazing miracle was with my miniature donkey, Paddy, whom I found upside down in the barn on his back with his head twisted up on the side of the barn. I put a halter on him and got him up, a miracle in itself. I immediately gave him Immune ST--3 doses a day for 2 days and supplemented such with Aloe Vera Juice and Lechithin with Apple Pectin. These latter 2 items were suggested in a Donkey Magazine I subscribe to. I also gave him some Buck Booster. It was so scarey at first. Now he is fine and thriving. Thanks soooooooooo much for all of your hard work and providing these miracle holistic items. IT IS SO SO IMPORTANT TO HAVE THESE ITEMS ON HAND AS ONE NEVER KNOWS WHEN YOU MIGHT NEED THEM. After the diarrahea issue with my female Bore Goat, I had decided to order the Immune ST and have it available should I need such; and as explained above I sure put the Immune ST to good use. Anita Wright, Loomis, California

Anita from Loomis, California - United States
September 21st, 2011

Hey Molly, Help.. I just started your wormers. Started with For1 following weekly with form2. but I still have diarehia issues. Should I wait or give more of Form1 when I see a sick one.I did Form1 for 3 days straight as directed. Also here,s a tip my boers hated this stuff on thier grain..dosage balls disaster...But my goats love what I call goat sandwichs ...A slice of bread with a little syrup and wormer on top fold in half. They love it now and fight over them. I have seen some improvement in some of them,but I still need help???????????

dawn from foristell, Missouri - United States
September 13th, 2011

Hi Molly:

I have two Bore Goats, one male and one female. I had tried unsuccessfully for about 4 weeks to eliminate the diarrhea that my female was having. I tried the suggested Pepto Bismo; then Sulmet; fortified Vitamin B Complex shots ;and none of these alleviated the diarrhea. I received information from Goat breeders with large flocks--180+. It was only when I visited a Feed Store in my small town of 6,260 that I met a lady who told me about your site. I administered your Worm Treatment #1 & 2 and combined such with the Ivomec SQ injection and I am pleased to say that the Diarrhea has finally left my poor goat, "Tag-a-Long". Also, I want to add that I purchased a 20cc syringe which I now load up with the required dose of Worming Treatment #1 & 2 with H20 and this is 100 times easier than making the dosage balls added to the slippery elm which my goats refused to eat and spat out 9 out of 10 attempts. SO IF ANY OF YOUR READERS WANT TO PURCHASE MY SLIPPERY ELM, JUST LET ME KNOW AT MY Email: I live in Loomis, California. Keep up the good work. Right now because of the past diarrhea problems I intend to combine the herbal wormers with the Safeguard and Ivomec. YOU ARE A LIFESAVER! God bless you and the work you do. Anita Wright

Anita from Loomis, California - United States
September 13th, 2011

I have an organic farm in Alabama with a small herd of Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf goats, plus horses and camelids. All of my animals are thriving on the Molly's Herbals products. I use her husbandry information as my primary source, and I'll continue to steer other folks to this site with confidence.

Joyce from Montevallo, Alabama - United States
August 28th, 2011

Hi Molly
Just wanted to tell you that I have been using your wormer on my dogs for about a year. It is wonderful and my dogs coats have never looked better. They are the picture of good health.

Donna from Portsmouth, Ohio - United States
August 21st, 2011

These wormers are great! I have a few goats that only barely respond to all the commercial wormers and always looked sickly regardless of how much they were fed and wormed. After a few months on these, they look great! Nice, shiny coats, and big, full, strong bodies! Thank you!

Mike from Spring Hope, North Carolina - United States
August 2nd, 2011

I haven't tried any of these products yet. I have ordered them and they will be here about a week before we go pick up our goats. I was given the website link by the farm we are getting our Nigerian Dwarf from.
The reason I'm giving testimony is to thank Molly for making all of this open to us. The hours of research and painstaking herbal mixing and experimenting could not have been easy. Just researching the best organic topsoil mixture can take an entire afternoon. All that hard work and still an amazing "goat mother". Thanks Molly, and I look forward to getting hooked on your products like all of these other people

Hayley from Craig, Colorado - United States
May 3rd, 2011

My goats have been on the herbal wormer for about 6 months. They don't bloat anymore. I love it. I have just purchased the herbal tonic hoping to improve their immunity, hair and hooves. I will let you know. One thing I did discover is the goats love anything mixed with brown sugar! I add 2 tablespoons to the wormer and mix it up dry and they gobble it all up. Thanks for your great healthy products.

Mary from Coahoma, Texas - United States
March 14th, 2011

Just thought I would let you know that your Immune ST saved my wether's life over the winter. I take care of 5 pet goats, some laying hens and 15 barn cats on a family farm estate north of Toronto. All of the animals are important to the family that owns this estate and so I can't thank you enough for your herbal remedies.

The vet had been in on 3 separate occasions and given this goat antibiotics for pneumonia. After the 3rd visit the vet indicated there was nothing else he could do for my goat. This is when I started the goat (Percy) on the Immune ST and within less than a week he started getting better.

Now all the goats are on the worming program, and your herbal supplement and have never looked better. Thank you.

Ann from , Ontario - Canada
March 12th, 2011

I love Molly's Marvelous Herbal Salve. Very healing and has a wonderful aroma. Two of our does were horsing around, make that goating around, and one got a horn cut under her eye. Put the salve on it and by the next morning it was nearly healed. Bought a jar for myself and I use it for just about everything. So soothing. I wouldn't be without it.
Nancy Robinson
GreenGoats, Etc., LLC
Brush Clearing

Nancy from Freeland, Washington - United States
February 25th, 2011

Thank you! Been using the wormer program for two years now and couldn't be happier. Happy healthy goats, sheep, llamas and dogs :)

Abby from Swan, Idaho
February 21st, 2011

I just wanted to thank you so much for providing such great products. Last fall we lost one of our kids to barberpoll worms. Which in Wisconsin our vet never tested for. After that happened we decided that trusting vets isn't always the best way to go and since then have been using your Herbal Dietary supplement and Buck Booster along with your Herbal Wormer system. I have NEVER (in the 8 years owning goats) seen my goats in better health. Our buck just recently recovered from a horrible case of pneumonia and we have started him on the Herbal Dietary Supplement along with the Buck Booster. Before we did this he could hardly jump up on the stall door he was so weak. Now (two weeks later) he is jumping up and is gaining weight and strength every day. I don't think that he would have made it without your products. Thank you so much. We will be a life long users of Molly's Herbals.
Thank you so much,
Tom and Season Treder
Wild Geranium Hollow Farm

Season from Princeton, Wisconsin - United States
February 11th, 2011

I have eight pregnant goats so I am ordered the Herbal Dietary Supplement & they loved it very much. I love it when my goats give the beautiful moans of satisfaction & even their daughters talk like they do. I went to order some more of the Herbal Dietary Supplement, then decided I might need to order the Pregnancy Tonic instead since they are getting so close to delivering.

I noticed some runny noses, so I ordered the IST. It is better to have IST hand than not!

I did some homework online, which said that goats make their own vitamin C. I upped their grain & alfalfa as they were walking down the snowy, icy hill. The goats seemed to be fine with the Herbal Dietary Supplement. I was very relieved to find no more runny noses. And there was no need for any worry once the goats settled in at the barn with enough food. (Since I had read pregnant goats need 12% grain, at that time I was only giving the girls 10%. I bought the 12% protein & I read the pregnant does need 14-16% protein after the kidlings arrive).

I am a strong believer in Molly's Herbal Wormer for our goats, dogs & cat. My beliefs are so firm that I am believing I will not sell any of my goats to anyone who doesn't use Molly's Herbal Wormer... :)

Does that sound like a strong believer, that is what Molly made me.

Thanks so much Miss Molly, I appreciate you in my life.

Edwiena from , Montana
December 21st, 2010

Thanks Molly for the fast speedy delivery of the goat herbal/wormer.

I can't wait to see how it works. Only a few weeks into winter and my goats look pathetic. I know the parasites are back and am trying this since I've already tried other wormers.

I hurried and unwrapped it to see if they would be picking at their feed. They all took a bite, even the cow. So I don't think it is going to be a problem getting them to take it.

Thanks again

Kathy from Ellettsville, Indiana - United States
November 16th, 2010

Hi molly,

I thought it was time to write you and tell you about some amazing things that we are using your Mastitis/Udder salve for.

I have asthma and sometimes it gets out of control and i get bronchitis, so last spring I was using some aroma therapy for my breathing. I was looking at trying to formulate a mix of the different oils that are suggested for better breathing and in the process came across the mastitis salve that I purchased from you for my goats. Amazingly it had most of the ones that I needed. So i started breathing it and rubbing it on my chest and back. Within a week I could lay flat and my breathing was getting better. I then started carrying it in my purse and when I felt my chest get sore I would breath some and rub it on my chest. I was able to cut down on My rescue inhaler by at least 50%.

So, when my friends had a bad cold I shared some, it helped them. When another friend had an abscess on her leg and an infection in her lymph, it was the only thing that brought her relief.

I also have a doctor friend that had a constant cough that she couldn't get rid of, she is from Afrcia. I told her about this salve and asked her if she wanted to try it. She loves it and after a week, basically has no cough, she had this cough for a month or more and it wouldn't go away...pretty awesome.

When I was shopping one day the teller looked like she was in really bad shape and I asked what was wrong. She said she had a migraine and it had gotten worse as the day went on. I pulled some salve out and suggested she should rub some on her temples, before I left the store she called out to me that "it was working already"

My daughter uses it regularly for her headaches too.

It is pretty funny that I use it a lot and share it so much that I have had to purchase more and I haven't had to use it on my goats yet :)

So, just thought i would let you know how much we use it and how wonderful it is.

Shirley from , Alberta - Canada
November 16th, 2010

I knew I had a worm problem last year and tried chemical wormers which were totally ineffective. One of my does had hair like wire and her hair was breaking off and falling out. She was very thin and looked so awful. I found your wonderful site after a year trying to get on line (we're really in the sticks). I started your Herbal Wormer and now my doe has soft hair, and has filled out all her hollows, her eyes are bright and she just looks fabulously healthy! She is an older goat and had twins this year. She has maintained her sleek coat and shining eyes through it all. Your site has helped me more so much with its factual information and encouragement. Thank you so much!

Elaine from Stark City,, Missouri - United States
November 15th, 2010

Hi I ordered you herbal mix for my horses breathing problem and just wanted to tell you it started helping in just two days. My mare has Lyme and it attacked her lungs but thanks to your herbal mix and Lyme support for horses and some CS she is getting well.

As soon as I opened the box I knew I got a quality product and I thank you for producing it at a price that the common man can afford. I am telling all my friends about it.

Thank-you again

Thelma from West Gardiner, Maine
November 14th, 2010

My finicky goat won't eat anything wet. She'd rather eat dusty grain than have it slightly wetted down. I didn't have any slippery elm, so I mixed a few drops of water with the corn syrup and herbal wormer formula, formed the dosage balls and let them dry overnight. My doe gobbled them up. Thank you, Molly, for a great product!

Maria from El Paso , Texas - United States
September 2nd, 2010

Thank you so much for developing and marketing your herbal wormers. We have had boer goats for 9 years now and have always used chemical wormers. This past year we have seen a lot of resistance to the chemical wormers..especially in our young goats. We had a pen of young ones that I took samples to the vet..they were full of parasites..what to do? One particular little guy was very weak, losing weight fast, and was really failing. Some people would have put him down. We decided to try the herbal wormers..I let my vet know and they were interested to see how this went. We treated the young ones with the wormwood for three days..then the weekly formula each week. After about three weeks I took another sample to the vet…the slides were clean of parasites! I knew things were better, because everyone was looking better, brighter eyed, and the everyone was pooping pellets. Your wormer is amazing and I will never again call it my last resort…it will always be my only worming method from here on - forward!

Thank you so much!

C. from Bloomington, Indiana
August 3rd, 2010

I was having no success with chemical wormers. Lost our beautiful Boer buck and was close to losing 3 does. Your herbal wormers did the trick. They are all dropping berries and gaining weight. They all look great! At first they all fought the drench gun, now the problem is not getting run over when I show up with the herbs every Monday. Thanks much!

Glenn from Dummer, New Hampshire
July 27th, 2010

Thanx Molly for this greatest udder came so fresh and keeps my doe's udder very soft, no worries...quick ship too! cathy

cathy from stuart, Virginia - United States
July 21st, 2010

I had trouble at first with my goats not likeing the taste or smell of the herb. I tryed several recipes to get around this problem but had no success. Then I read where goats like the taste of licorice, I new that Anice extract gives licorice its flavor, so I bought a small bottle at my local grocery store
( they stock it where vanilla extract is found) for around $ 2.00 per bottle. I mixed my herb with a little water and then stirred in a small amount of Anice extract untill I had a paste like consistancy. I then put the proper amount on a slice of bread and folded it in half. They love the flavor and gobble it right up.

Johnny from Groveland, Florida - United States
June 26th, 2010

When I bought my pregnant doe, she had very loose stools: they looked more like a cow's than a goat's. As soon as she kidded, I treated her with the 3-day formula, then gave her formula 2 weekly for a few weeks. I didn't see any improvement right away, so I gave her another 3 day wormwood dose, and by the following day, her stools were normal goat berries and have been since.

Joy from Wilmore, Kentucky - United States
June 13th, 2010

Thank you so much for posting this wonderful meatloaf recipe. When my dog was diagnosed last year with diabetes and pancreatitis, he was very sick and stopped eating virtually everything. I tried several home cooked recipes specially formulated for him by a veterinarian, all of which he rejected. When I searched the internet, yours was the only recipe I found and it was a lifesaver. I have been making it ever since and he continues to love it. Thank you so much!

RIta from Ventura, California - United States
May 26th, 2010

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful information that I continue to get from your site and for the great herbal preparations. My 2 does love their herbal deworming "truffles," and I'm looking forward to starting our new doeling on this formula in a few days.
Lily freshened for the first time after a short and easy labor. She was climbing and playing right before her labor started. She loves the pregnancy herbs which I'm continuing for a little while, and I know that these helped her have such an easy labor and birth.

Rachel from Seattle, Washington - United States
May 24th, 2010

My goats had a huge worm load, lost weight, dull coats, the whole worm infestation. I have just started to use Mollys wormers for just a little over a month now, and the change is dramatic! Their rumans are developing back, and getting large, coats are shiny, the eyes are bright and shiny, and the pinks are nice and dark pink instead of the light and pale of before. I can't thank you enough for developing these natural wormers and making them available for everyone!

Jean from McArthur, Ohio - United States
April 29th, 2010

I have been using the herbal worm formulas 1 and 2 for 6 years on my goats. They are so healthy, their coats are shiny and they are nicely filled out. I haven't had to use any other wormers even in this area of the country where parasites tend to multiply. I do make sure not to miss the weekly dose however. I mix it with honey into balls and they eat it out of hand. Highly recommended.

Bronwyn from Siler City, North Carolina - United States
April 20th, 2010

I just wanted to send in my experience with the worming formulas. We had two goats, sisters, that we got as babies in May of last year. In December, a stray dog got in the pasture and killed one of them. We looked around on craigslist and got a 6 week old Boer goat (though we had a Nubian cross at the time, beginner’s mistake). She was adorable, but always seemed a little slow. When we started the worming formula, we had just purchased two more bred Nubian crosses for milking. I bought both the Worming Formulas and the Immune ST. Since our baby Boer wasn’t bred, I started her on Formula #1 and the other 3 on Formula #2. I also gave our baby some of the IST, because she just seemed to be having a tough time even getting up onto the goat stand to eat. She’d had some questionable poops, and I just wanted to give her a little ‘just in case.’ Lo and behold, within a week you never would have known it was the same goat. She’s faster than the other three, loves to jump up on stuff and is mischievous as anything. What a change! We even have one goat that won’t eat her food unless the bowl smells like Formula #2! I still can’t believe it! We recently hatched some chicks and after several died, I realized that we’d never had non-vaccinated chicks before, so I gave them some of the formula, and Viola! The rest of them are growing and getting stronger and we haven’t lost any since I gave them their worming. Thank you so much for the alternative medicine that keeps my animals healthy and active without questionable effects on them or my family.

And thank you so much for your Goat care website. It is our goat-bible! We recently delivered our very first kid from a first-time mom and we were so thankful for all the information on your site. Mama and baby are doing great, and considering she was one that wanted to just walk away after all that work, I know we would have had a different scenario had we not known all that we learned from your site. We have another one due to kid any day and we’re even more ready.

Thank you for all the time and effort you put into your site and your herbal formulas. We, as newbies, are very indebted to all you have done for our farm.

Lindsay from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
April 12th, 2010

Molly, my experience with your herbal wormer has been outstanding...I have had my goats, and last year a horse on your wormer and wow wish I had been using it for years...I will be ordering again soon, thank you, cathy

cathy from stuart, Virginia - United States
March 13th, 2010

We had a goat here with the most snotty nose that I could not get rid of.
She was like that for 6 weeks until I found this site.
So after finding the Immune ST I thought lets give it a try.
Holly cow within the week she was snot clear,her mouth too.
It was increadable.
Im a firm believer in this stuff and will keep it on hand at all times.

Thank you for such a great product

renee from ramona, California - United States
November 11th, 2009

I have been using the herbal formula on my goats and it works wonderfully, but my most recent experience was quite outstanding! A stray dog showed up at my house starving and mangy. We gave him the herbal wormer and I was amazed at the worms that came out of him!! From that point forward he was worm free, put on weight and had a positive personality change and grew a beautiful silky coat. I think this herbal formula is amazing!

Laurel from Kimballton, Iowa - United States
September 15th, 2009

We bought the shoo-fly spray early this past summer when the flies were especially bad. We also ordered the fly predators that you recommended and used both until the fly predators did their job. Now we don't need the shoo-fly spray in the barn, but we spray it on ourselves to repel mosquitoes and ticks. It works better than any of the other herbal insect repellents we have tried, and we're not about to put synthetic chemical repellents on ourselves to try comparing it to them. I haven't had a tick bite all summer since we first tried it. Thank you!

Ana from Hillsborough, North Carolina - United States
August 16th, 2009

I wanted to recommend Molly's Herbal wormers, not just because they are great & work well, but also because the service is outasight! Molly is very helpful, encouraging & seems sincerely concerned that her customers have healthy goats and success with her products. I, for one, appreciate such a high level of customer service in this day and age.
Janey Phillips, in Texas

Janey from Huntington, Texas - United States
May 8th, 2009

I'm writing about your herbal goat wormers, which I've been using on
my 10-year-old Nubian since last year. Before starting the wormer,
although he has always been healthy overall and maintained a good
weight, he had significant parasite load. Traditional wormers didn't
seem to make much of a difference. Since using your wormer, his tests
have been completely negative -- a zero parasite load! I have tried
many herbal remedies over the years for a variety of pets, and none
have worked. Molly's Herbals goat wormer is the only herbal remedy for
animals that has actually done exactly as advertised. I d would
recommend this product to anyone looking for a safe, effective remedy
that parasites will not form resistance to over time. Thank you for
creating such an excellent, all-natural product for goats -- this is
especially important in my area, where there are not many vets who are
knowledgeable about goats!

Robin from ,
March 16th, 2009

I have been using the herbal wormers (Herbal Worm Formulas) for about 5 years now having grown my herd from 4 little does, to well over 40 goats now. The herbal wormers although at times seem to be labor intensive in making so many herb balls, once done, they are the easiest things to administer and all my goats think of them as a treat.

Thanks you Molly for this great prevision.

Heidi from , Maine
January 1st, 2009

I've been using your Herbal Worm Formulas for about 3 months. Because Bart was gracious enough to provide the vet with a fresh stool sample while she was examing him, I asked to have fecal testing done. He was "clean", so I am very pleased with the Herbal Wormers. All six of my goats take it willing. I mix with water and drench them (they don't care for the dosage balls). They suck it right out of the syringe! It's so much better and less stressful, for both me and my goats, to give them the Herbal formulas that they LOVE, rather than stick them with a needle to inject a chemical/poison into their bodies. I love your products and appreciate your dedication to produce these natural altermatives for man and animal.

You're awesome!

Glenda from ,
January 1st, 2009

Thanks Molly, your stuff is a life saver! My goats are SO slick, shiny, and healthy! I've never had such healthy goats in all my years of goat ownership, until after they've been on your dewormer (Herbal Worm Formulas). Thanks SO much!

Kimberly from ,
November 30th, -0001

I was having no success with chemical wormers. Lost our beautiful Boer buck and was close to losing 3 does. Your herbal wormers did the trick. They are all dropping berries and gaining weight. They all look great! At first they all fought the drench gun, now the problem is not getting run over when I show up with the herbs every Monday. Thanks much!

Glenn from Dummer, New Hampshire
November 30th, -0001

Thank you so much for developing and marketing your herbal wormers. We have had boer goats for 9 years now and have always used chemical wormers. This past year we have seen a lot of resistance to the chemical wormers..especially in our young goats. We had a pen of young ones that I took samples to the vet..they were full of parasites..what to do? One particular little guy was very weak, losing weight fast, and was really failing. Some people would have put him down. We decided to try the herbal wormers..I let my vet know and they were interested to see how this went. We treated the young ones with the wormwood for three days..then the weekly formula each week. After about three weeks I took another sample to the vet…the slides were clean of parasites! I knew things were better, because everyone was looking better, brighter eyed, and the everyone was pooping pellets. Your wormer is amazing and I will never again call it my last resort…it will always be my only worming method from here on - forward!

Thank you so much!

C. from Bloomington, Indiana
November 30th, -0001

Thanks so much for the rush order of udder salve. I had two does kid within four days and neither one seems to want to nurse their kids. We are putting the babies on them in the stand and then finishing by hand. Both udders were so hard it was nearly impossible to milk, not to mention painful. The massage with your salve has worked wonderfully on both my girls so I ordered another one to make sure I don't run out! Thanks again.

D from ,
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