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Reviews for Ow-Eze Tincture | Molly's Herbals
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Product Description:

Alcohol Based Liquid Herbal Dietary Supplement

The combination of herbs in this formula are traditionally used as a: sedative, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory .

I developed this formula originally to aid in helping our kids deal with being disbudded and neutered. I wanted something to help with stress and inflammation as well as help ease pain. Whereas being disbudded and neutered is never easy, we have seen that this formula does seem to help our kids deal with it a bit better.

I also give this to aid with other pain/stress related health issues. I wanted something that would not cause kidney or liver damage with long term use (like many drugs such as Banamine do), and also something safe that could be used during pregnancy (many herbal pain relievers now available for animals contain herbs that really should not be used on a continuing basis and/or during pregnancy such as Yucca & Devils Claw)

Contains : Valerian, White Willow Bark, Feverfew, St. John's Wort, Licorice Root

Serving Suggestion
Give Orally 1/2 hour to one hour before proceedure - or when needed

Goat kids: full size kids being neutered at three weeks of age get 3 ml
: 1 ml (1/4 tsp) per 10 lbs.
Dogs: 1 ml per 20 lbs.

Cats: NOT for use in cats
Horses: 20-30 ml

Available in 2 sizes: 4 oz. and 8 oz. bottles

NOTE:  This tincture is handmade in limited quantities.  Ordering more than 1 bottle at a time may result in delays shipping your order


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5stargoatkid (OK) - December 24th 2013
I have a Nubian doe that has CAE with the big knees. She was refusing to jump on the milkstand. I couldn't blame her. I read that Ow-Eze had herbs to reduce inflammation and pain. I ordered the Ow-Eze and started it on her as soon as it came in. I gave her 1 tsp once or twice a day with her grain. Within a few days her knees had reduced enough (1/4" - 1/2"), that they didn't look near as puffy, and she was back to jumping on the milkstand again. I used it for 6 weeks, then tapered her off of it to see if her knees would infame again. She was totally off of the Ow-Eze for 4 months. Her knees never once inflamed during this time. Then I let her have some grapefruit pulp (big mistake). Two days later her knees were swollen big time. I thought first it was just an allergic reaction and it would go down in just a few days with the help of Ow-Eze. They did go down, but it was a constant battle to keep her knees down. Now I'm thinking the allergic reaction somehow triggered the CAE to become active again. Anyway I've had to use the Ow-Eze for the last 4 weeks. I hope the Ow-Eze will keep her comfortable and pain free until the CAE goes into remission again.