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About Molly's Herbals | Molly's Herbals
Providing Highest Quality Herbal Products for all types of Animals for over 20 years

About Molly's Herbals

When I was in my 20s and living in Chicago, I had asthma and used to get very bad bronchitis every year.  I was using 2 inhalers, one of which was a steroid.  I have always disliked traditional doctors and believe in natural health care.  I really wanted to stop using the steroids and so I started studying herbs to help with my breathing.  I developed an herbal blend I would make a pot of tea that I would drink every day.  Three years later, after diligently drinking my pot of tea every day I had no symptoms of asthma and have not had an episode of bronchitis since then.  This herbal blend was my first and I found it worked on animals was well as myself.  I now call it "Breathe EZ-T"

I actually never really set out to sell my herbal formulas. When I was homesteading on my farm in TN I was pretty self sufficient, but needed to make a little money to get by. I am very computer savvy and have an artistic eye so I started designing logos for other farms and creating web sites for small start-up business wanting to sell their handcrafted products on-line. Part of what is ME (Molly), is helping people. I enjoy writing as well, so I started my Fias Co Farm web site to help people learn about goats. I wanted people to learn from my mistakes so they could avoid making them in their own goat keeping.

I originally developed my herbal formulas just for my own use, to use on my own herd, because there really were no animal related herbal products available at that time. I also found vets really did not seem to know much about goats, so I needed to learn to do all my own vetting.  I didn't like using chemical wormers and I found one herbal wormer for sale.  I tried it, but sadly I found it did not work for me so I decided to create my own. As my goat husbandry web site grew, somewhere along the line I would mention my herbals and a few people started asking me where they could purchase the formulas. Well, I was designing web sites with shopping carts, and knew how to set this kind of thing up, so I thought what the heck, I'll offer my formulas for sale. 

This was also an opportunity to offer more information regarding herbal health care for animals that was not just goat specific. People were using herbs for themselves and many wanted to use herbals for their animals/pets and there was just not anything like that out there at the time. It was important to me to offer my products at as low a cost as I can so people can afford to use them on their animals. I have had both a diabetic dog and cat so I wanted to help people dealing with this and my Molly's Herbals site was a place I could offer information in regards to this. Still, I was really just trying to help people. I had no idea it would eventually grow to the point this is how I make my living.

All of my products are made using to highest quality 100% human grade herbs and most of the herbs I use are organic as well.  Those that aren't organic are wild-crafted.

~Molly Nolte