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Molly's Herbals Worm Formula Dietary Suppliment * Questions & Answers

The following are some questions I am asked regarding my Worm Formula and my answerers to them from my personal experience using my Worm Formula. Please make sure to read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page.

First, my own personal experience with my Worm Formulas:

In the Summer of 2002 we had a big parasite problem. NO chemical wormer was working any longer. I was going to extremes in dosing, trying all sorts of different chemical wormers and could find nothing to work. I had tried an herbal wormer a few years earlier and was unhappy with the results.  As a last resort I decided to develop my own herbal worm formula, for my own herd. This worked for me. Finally.

Since I was charting new territory, I kept Ivomec on hand. I have given Ivomec a handful of times since starting my goats on my Worm Formula System, and now "trust" the Worm Formula System more than when I first started using it.  i.e: a few years ago, where I may have given Ivomec, I now give an extra dose or two of Formula 1# and it works just as well for me as the chemical would have, if not better.

It was only after people started asking me what I used on my own goats that I started selling My Worm Formula System and this evolved into Molly's Herbals.

There are some goats in my herd who have never received a chemical wormer in their entire life. There are some older does who's last dose of chemical wormer was the last time I used it on my herd before I started my herbals, in the Summer of 2002. There are just a few does in my herd that have received Ivomec after I started the herbals. I still keep a bottle of Ivomec on hand, "just in case", but very rarely use it. Our buck living area is much smaller than our doe area and I keep a close eye on our bucks.  If I feel they need an extra dose of Formula 1# or even a little Ivomec now and then, I will not hesitate to give it to them.  The most important thing is maintain the health of our herd. 

Dogs: I administered this Formula to our diabetic dog on a regular basis; she like it made into peanut butter dosage balls. 

Cats: It is very hard to get cats to eat this and I do not give it to our cats very often; only if I think they really need it.

Chickens: I give our 6 chickens 1 Tbs., and what ever might be left over after administering to our goats, on the same schedule as our goats.

Humans: My husband and I use My Worm Formula as an herbal dietary supplement on the same schedule as our goat herd.  I can pack a 1 Tbs. into 8 "00" sized vegetarian capsules and this is the dose we take.




I have miniature goats/horses, what dose should I use?

I use the full adult goat dose on our goat kids over two months old (when they reach about 30-40 pounds; an adult reaches 125 - 200 pounds).  Unlike drugs, it is really hard to give too much of these herbal formulas. I have given up to 5X the suggested dose to my goats with no ill effects. I suggest starting with a 2/3 dose to full dose for adult miniatures and go from there.  Trust your instincts as to what you feel is best for your own animals. 


Is this effective for lungworm?

Since herbal wormers work, in part, by expelling parasites from the digestive system, I do not rely on my herbals to take care of lungworms already established in the lung. I am not totally sure the herbals will reach the parasites in the lungs.  It may help, but I have not had the opportunity to study this in my own herd, so I cannot say for sure. I do know that it seems to keep lungworms from reestablishing in the lungs (it has for my herd). If you have a goat with established lungworms in their lungs (they cough after running) I usually recommend treating the infected goat with Ivomec (a chemical wormer) one time and starting on my Worm Formula. (I have not been able to study if my Worm Formula takes care of established lungworm because my goats (all on my herbals) never get lungworm anymore <smile>)


Can I give the Formula to my rabbits?

I do know of some people using the formula on rabbits with good results.  I believe the starting dose to try is the cat dose.  Some people make up dosage balls using rolled oats, which rabbits seem to really like.


Can I give the Formula to my ferrets?

I do know of some people using the formula on ferrets.  I do not know the dose they use.  


Can humans take these Formulas?

I have eaten my fair share of these Formulas.  I would not give any of my herbal formulas or tinctures to an animal if I was not willing to try it myself. Also, I need to taste my formulas so that I can make the Formulas taste better so they will be easier to administer to animals.  Formula 1# is extremely bitter and I can not say it tastes good by any means, but my goats seem to love it.

I use My Worm Formula as an herbal dietary supplement on the same schedule as our goat herd. The human dose I use is 1 Tbs.

I do know of other humans using my Worm Formula as an herbal dietary supplement.  The common starting serving suggestion is 1 Tbs.. Be aware that my formulas are not considered food, and are not drugs; they are herbal dietary supplements and so are not tested or regulated by the FDA..


I have another wormwood based herbal wormer and want to switch over to yours, can I substitute this other wormer for your Formula 1# until I use it up?

Not all herbal wormers, dewormers, worm compounds or worm formulas are the same.

My Worm Formula System is totally different than any others that were on the market when I created it.  The ingredients in my Formulas differ greatly from other herbal wormers that you may find.  I created my Formulas for our herd because I was dissatisfied with other herbal wormers I tried.  I do not suggest, or recommend, substituting any other herbal wormer for use with my Formula system.  I know of one person who was trying to use up their other herbal wormer before starting mine and her herd all developed bottlejaw (severe parasite infestation).  The choice is up to you.


Have you seem any resistance developing to your Worm Formula?

No I have not; my herd has never been healthier.


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