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Trimming a Scur
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FCF5-2-06 12-43-5203.JPG
FCF5-2-06 12-43-5304.JPG
FCF5-2-06 12-43-5306.JPG
FCF5-2-06 12-43-5908.JPG
1. FCF5-2-06 12-43-5203
Musashi, one of our bucks, has scurs.
2. FCF5-2-06 12-43-5304
This scur needs to be trimmed
3. FCF5-2-06 12-43-5306
Another angle.
4. FCF5-2-06 12-43-5908
Using a wire saw to trim the scur.
FCF5-2-06 12-44-0110.JPG
FCF5-2-06 12-44-0911.JPG
FCF5-2-06 12-44-1013.JPG
FCF5-2-06 12-44-1515.JPG
5. FCF5-2-06 12-44-0110
Using the wire saw
6. FCF5-2-06 12-44-0911
The trimmed scur
7. FCF5-2-06 12-44-1013
The trimmed scur from another angle.
8. FCF5-2-06 12-44-1515
Closer shot
FCF5-2-06 12-44-2321.JPG
FCF5-2-06 12-44-3026.JPG
FCF5-2-06 12-44-3027.JPG
9. FCF5-2-06 12-44-2321
Trim no further than you have to
10. FCF5-2-06 12-44-3026
Here's the part we trimmed off
11. FCF5-2-06 12-44-3027
Trimmed part: angle 2


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