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MILK NECK: Examples of Milkneck in Goats and Sheep

Milk Neck is a soft swelling located on the chin/throat, right where the chin and throat meet.
It occurs in kids a nd lambs who's mothers are heavy milkers. The size of the swelling varies greatly, from barely noticeable,
to quire large. It is soft. It is not a hard lump. Milk Neck is OK and not something you really need to worry about.

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1. 100_6321
Classic example
2. DSCF0003
3. PICT0493
Sheep get it as well.
Photo 1 or 4
4. P1010018
Sheep photo 2 of 4
5. P5310009
Sheep 3 of 4
6. PICT0488
Sheep 4 of 4
7. Milkneck1
2 week old buck
8. Goats_2-24-07_034
Boer buck kid


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