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Kidding Positions and how to assist deleivery

I am just starting to put this section together:
some Albums are not completed and I still have more Albums to create.
Please check back often for more information.

In the Albums below, a little paper LaMancha kid (no ears) is used to illustrate various positions a kid may present itself in.
For simplicity sake, the front facing paper kid has no back legs.
Explanations are given as to how to assist delivering a mal presented kid.

Be aware that every kidding situation is different and there is always the possibility a kid will present itself
in a a mixed up way you never would have imagined. 
If you have to "go in" to assist delivery, as you feel your way inside the doe,
try to visualize how the kid is positioned by feeling for "landmarks" such as head, feet and tail.  
Always take you time and stay calm.
See Kidding for more information regarding kidding.

1. Positions-Correct
Correct "Diving" Position
2. Positions-Elbows
Elbows Back
3. Positions-Head
Head Back
4. Positions-Legs
Front Legs Back
5. Positions-Knee
Front Knee Bent


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