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Medical Supplies

General Goat Supplies

You need to have your supplies on hand BEFORE you need them.

The following are the supplies that I make sure I always have on hand at all times:


Medical Cabinet Supplies:
(Also see Birthing Kit)

Note: This list is to help eveyone, whether they choose to do things holistically and naturally, or they perfer a more traditional Western Medicine way.  I offer options for each livestyle choice when applicable.

  • Medical/Worming/Health Maintenance log- three ring binder, paper & pen or various computer files
  • Printed copies of the medicine dosage pages of this site.
  • Epinephrine - always have this on hand if and when giving shots (sadly you can't get this anymore)
  • Banamine - a prescription pain killer and/or Ow-Eze- an herbal sedative, pain reliever, anti-inflammatory
  • Oxytetracycline - an antibiotic and/or Immune Support Tincture - an herbal immunostmulant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, and antiviral
  • Selenium/Vit E. Suppliment- such as Bo-Se shot or Gel (we use gel), helps with easier kidding and prevention of White Mussel Disease.  Also humen Vit E or horse Vitamin E powdered suppliment.
  • Albon , Sulmet and/or Immune Support Tincture or Herbal Worm Formula -for Coccidiosis prevention & treatment
  • Wormers - I use Herbal Worm Formula
  • Probios or some other probiotic that contains specific, beneficial bacteria to keep the rumen working. Yogurt is a poor substitute since it does not contain all the proper bacteria. Use during and following antibiotic treatment or any time a goat seems "off". Also helps relieve stress.
  • Rescue Remedy - beneficial for traumatic situations, such as, stress, emergencies, illness and many other stressful situations. A does labor can be made easier and less traumatic by giving Rescue Remedy.
  • Lavender essential oil - used to treat stress and depression. Lavender has a calming and mood lifting effect.
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Lavender / Tea Tree Power Combo
  • Peanut oil - for treatment of bloat
  • Vit. B fortified complex - helps increase appetite
  • Immune Support Herbal Tincture, aka "IST" - I use this at the first sign of almost all illnesses.
  • Molly's Marvelous Herbal Salve - used for just about anything to do with the skin: burns, bruises, dry or chapped skin, cuts, scrapes, wounds, insect bites, irritations, eczema, "udder pox", "sore butt", etc.
  • Mastitis/ Udder Massage Salve
  • California Mastitis Test (if milking) See Suppliers page
  • Slippery Elm- used to aid in the treatment of diarrhea & constipation. Also used to make tasty "dosage balls" that are used to admister herbs and herbal worm formulas.
  • Chewable Children's Multi-Vitamins-- a tasty way to administer vitamins
  • Calcium Gluconate- for treatment of Milk Fever
  • Syringes: (if you give shots).  I haven't given a shot since 2002, but I still like to keep a few small syringes on hand for orally dosing tinctures such as Ow-eze and IST:
    • 3 ml w/ needles- 22 Gauge x 3/4"
    • 6 ml
    • 1 ml insulin syringes w/ needles- 28 gauge x 1/2 " (for giving shots to young kids)
  • Needles (if you give shots).- for use on the larger syringes
    • 22 Gauge x 3/4"
  • Jar containing cotton balls and rubbing alcohol- (if you give shots) for swabbing tops of medicine bottles before preparing injections.
  • Feeding Syringe with metal tip : 30 ml - for dosing & drenching medications and powdered herbs
  • Weak Kid syringe
  • Measuring cup - tsp/oz/ml
  • Digital thermometer- a regular human thermometer that you get a any pharmacy/Wal-Mart works great for goats.
  • Band-aids- for when you get hurt or cut
  • elastic bandage
  • Cohesive flexible bandage
  • Gauze pads/sponges
  • Cloth tape
  • Scissors
  • Disposable gloves
  • Betadine Surgical Scrub
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Veterinary Lubricant or (KY-jelly)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Blood stop powder
  • Hoof & Heel and/or Lavender / Tea Tree Power Combo- for treatment of "hoof rot"


General Goat Supplies:
(Also see Milking Equipment)

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