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This web ring is a "linked community" for everyone who has an interest in making cheese. This includes homestead cheesemakers, artisans, small scale producers, large scale commercial cheese producers, cheesemaking suppliers, etc.

Please note:  You must have a web page that relates in some way to cheesemaking in order to join this ring. Your page can be personal, commercial or both.

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Once you have submitted your info to the queue you will receive, via email, the proper Navigation Bar code. "Copy and Paste"  it into the HTML of your Home page (it's usually added to the bottom of the page). Place it where it's easily seen, without clear access to the Navigation Bar from a listed site the ring will be broken.

Once you add this code, please contact the CheeseMakers Ringmaster to let her know your code is added so she can review your site.

Your site will be checked to make sure your Navigation Bar is in working order before it is added to the ring.  You will be notified if there is a problem. You'll receive an automated email response when you're site is added to the CheeseMakers Ring.


Help me, how do I insert the Navigation Bar Code on my web page?


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Answers to the confusing code stuff:

How do I get this code on my page?

First off, it's not that hard, so don't worry about it.  You already have a page, so you must know some stuff about getting info on it.  I will assume you know certain things.

You will receive the correct code for your site via email when you submit your info to the queue.

OK, now you have the correct code and you need to get into your HTML.  Different Web page building programs work differently so I'm gonna try something very easy that should work for most people... should ;-)

Go to Start, Programs, Accessories, WordPad and choose WordPad.  This is a very simple text editor.  Once the program is open you need to open your Home Web Page file.

Go to File, Open.  Under "files of type" choose the pull down and pick "all files".  Now browse for your web page file and open it (it will have the extension ".htm" or ".html".   Your file will look nothing like you're used to seeing it, it'll all be "code".  This is the HTML.

Scroll down to the bottom to the page and you should see this code:


at the very bottom.  We want to put the Navigation Bar code above this code.  Go to the Navigation Bar code that you received via email and highlight it and go to Edit, Copy.  Now, switch back to WordPad and "paste" the code on the page (above that "body/html" stuff).  To paste, choose Edit, then Paste.  Now choose Save.

This should do it.  Upload your page and see if it works.  Good Luck!