Kids of ’07

Kids born here at Fias Co Farm in 2007

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5 thoughts on “Kids of ’07

  1. Tracy Keegan says:

    Hi! your website is so informative. A friend told me there is video of birthing on your site but I cant find it..wondered if you have a moment if you could lead me there. I am new to goats and Pippy (Longstocking) is pregnant and due in about three weeks. I am trying to get everything prepared and would appreciate any help or guidance.
    Your cheese looks fantastic! Thanks again for the great website.

  2. Sarah Pietricola says:

    my goats are having their first kids, without this website we would be so lost!
    this site is so informational! THANKS!

  3. Patty says:

    I am so appreciative to you for developing such a great website. It has been so informative and it is organized very well. Very easy to look things up on. Thanks!!

  4. Mendy Pierson says:

    Just wondering how to contact you regarding goat purchases. We would love to have a buckling from your 2010 freshenings, if you have one that you feel would be suitable for a home dairy situation. We had to let our boy go this year, and need a replacement. Thanks.

  5. Erica Tripp says:

    Your website has been so informative. I recently acquired two kids and have been a little lost! (the breeder was breeding for money and meat and was not very informative!) Thank you for all your photos, information and experience!

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