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  • End of the Season Bash Weekend 2007
  In the following photo galleries, located on another section of the Fias Co Farm site, I share with you my art, and my world view, as I see it through the lens of my camera.


Assorted Photos 2006 Various photos

Arty & Abstract Photos

Arty & Abstract Photos


An Album For Goldie 10-21-06Photos taken in memorial for Goldie. Fall foliage & goats.


October 10-22-06beautiful Fall day. Fall foliage, farm & goats

The Dragon's Tail

The Dragon's Tail Multiple albums Highway 129, in Eastern TN, known as "The Dragon's Tail ". It is America�s #1 motorcycle and sports car road, with 318 curves in 11 miles and no cross roads to worry about. Here are multiple albums of photo journals and the some trips I have made to the Dragon's Tail. I hope they can give an you at least a fraction of an idea of the fun of driving this road and the adventure in getting there.


MINI Takes The States Aug 18 - Sept 4, 2006From Aug18th - Sept 4th, 2006, thousands of MINIs Traveled together from coast to coast. They started in Monterey, CA and ended in Jersey City, NJ. I participated in 1/2 of leg 11# (Indianapolis, IN to Charleston, WV) and 1/2 of leg 12# (from Charleston to Charlottesville) of this MINI TransAmerican Mototastic Road Trip Road Trip to End All Road Trips Rally.This is my first PhotoJournal. The photos here were taken with an old Olympus point & shoot.

MINIs Great Lakes Crossing

MINIs Great Lakes Crossing Sept 28 - Oct 2, 2006 I join the Michigan MINI Motoring Club in a one of a kind event across and around Lake Michigan.My second PhotoJournal; my first with my Nikon D50.


My MINI A tour of my car, inside and out.Just in case you were curious.

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  1. bob handevidt says:

    hay molly bob here the who crashed on monday. with the r1, just got back to fla. on tues. night went to doc. had x- rays done all ok.. sore as hell ……. tell every one that helped me pull my bike. and helped that i said a BIG THINK YOU .. please… if you can send me them pics ok lmao
    thinks again……………..the dragon slayer ya right …………….bob

  2. susannah kimberley says:

    I love your pics!!!

  3. Amy says:

    I love your bird house that says GOAT CITY.

  4. That is one which i finding

  5. Sandy says:

    There is no way to get a hold of you on here and I am looking for a Lamancha buck. Do you have any for sale and if not could you please contact me. Thanks

  6. Laurie Lee says:

    Hi, Molly, I appreciate your web site. I can see you have done alot of work to make it terrific! I have a question. Why do you not vaccinate for CD&T? I didn’t vaccinate for a couple of years because I’m new to goats, and I didn’t know about the vaccine, then last year I lost a beautiful baby doe to enterotoxemia. I was just heart-sick, and now I vaccinate. Just curious about your thoughts which led to your no-vaccine stance. Thanks! Laurie

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