’62 Ford Falcon Wagon

I really do love my Falcon Wagon.  She shows you you don't have to spend a fortune to own a classic car that you can show and enjoy. "Bessie" is not perfect, but she is very charming and people love her. My husband and I own two MINI Coopers (same year, same color that we bought new, before we ever new each other) but sometimes you need to haul something larger than a MINI will hold.  We thought about getting a used SUV of some sort and realized for the same amount of money we could actually get a classic car. Bessie is a "mild custom" that I've owned since Spring of 2009. We've had a lot of work done since to make it a nice driver. New tires, suspension and brake parts etc. She has just a little over 50K miles currently. The engine is a 170 6 with a Fordomatic 2 speed. I have a lot of fun taking her to shows and have won a few awards.
  • National Falcon Convention 2010 - Best in Class
  • Billetproof Traditional Car Hot rods & Customs Show 2011 - Best Wagon
  • Sins of Steal Traditional Car Hot rods & Customs Show 2011 - Best Grocery Gitter
Bessie was also featured in the November 2011 edition of the National Falcon News

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