Morgan 3-Wheeler


 2013 Morgan Super Aero 3-Wheeler 2.0

Vehicle layout Front-engine, RWD, 2-pass, 0-door, roadster
Engine 2 liter S&S W-Wedge V-Twin rated at 115HP
Transmission Miata 5-speed manual
Curb weight 1200 lbs
Paint Matt Green, RAF Livery, Shark Graphics & custom painted Flying Tiger
Length x width x height 127.0 x 55.9 x 39.4 in
0-62 mph 6.0 seconds
EPA city/hwy fuel econ 30-35 MPG
  This new 2013 Morgan 3-Wheeler looks very much like the Super Aero 3-Wheelers that Morgan built in the 1930s and it still follows the original Morgan formula: a steel tubular chassis, Ash wood framework and an aluminium body. Morgan first started building 3 wheeled cars back in 1909 and stopped production of them after the Second World War. In 2011 they decided start making the 3 wheeled cars again.  The cars are coach built in Malvern England in the same 6 "sheds" in which Morgan has been building cars for over 100 years. I ordered my Morgan in January of 2013 and took delivery in Aug.  My car is #758 in the world.  Being hand made, it's a very low production car and it teaches you patience. I am very proud if the fact that I "wretch" on this car myself.  It's an English car, so you have to adapt.  My first break-down, one month after I got it, was due to an electrical issue. No surprise there. Mods:
  • Moto-Lita Steering Wheel
  • Kuryakyn Air Cleaner
  • Swiss Rally Watches
  • Sealing of gaps and holes
  • "Comfort" Steering upgrade.
  • Rectifier mount replacements and modifications
  • Blockly Vintage Car Racing Tires (front)
  Yes, I've seen the Top Gear episode, and yes this car is a doughnut machine:   Some people put Pin-Up Girls on their cars.  Since I'm a girl and I love cats, I decided I wanted a Flying Tiger instead.  Here's my friend and wonderful artist Mark "Topes" Thompson hand painting my Flying Tiger.Hand painted Flying Tiger   My little land-bound P-40 fighter plane is a cross between the RAF Shark Squadron and the Flying Tigers. When I was a little girl I would dream of flying a bi-plane and even had a white silk scarf.  An English WWI Ace was quoted as says that driving the Morgan 3-Wheeler was the closest thing to flying without leaving the ground. This car is my dream of having my own plane finally come true.  I have all the fighter pilot clothing and now I know why they dressed like that...  an open cockpit gets cold! Mark-MOTD2014-053   My car is no Trailer Queen.  We drive it every chance we get, even in the Winter, and in May 2014 we actually drove it 650 miles down to North Carolina/Tennessee for the annual MINIs On The Dragon, MINI Cooper Rally, and than spent week motoring on the wonderful curvy roads down and then drove it back home.  In one week we put 1800 miles on the Morgan and completely slicked the front tires.  Quite a few of the photos in the 3-Wheeler gallery on this blog were taken by professional Motorsports photographer Mark Scheuern when we were down in NC/TN. Here is a drive on the Dragon from the Overlook to Deals Gap.  This handheld video really shows the true feel of driving the Dragon. There is quite a bit of wind noise, but you can still hear the engine and squealing tires at some points.  I had a hell of a time hanging on. At one point we encounter a big trike, but he pulls over to let us by.   Mark-MOTD2014-036   Cockpit view of my 3-Wheeler on the Dragon starting from the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort. The run does not show all the way to the Overlook because the battery ran out, but most of it got recorded. I love watching Paul's handwork!   I love talking about and answering questions about my Morgan.  I am sometimes amused by questions and always answer properly.  I thought it would be fun to post some questions here and what really went through my mind for an answer....
  • Is it electric? A: Yeah, that engine on the front powers the generator.
  • Is it a motorcycle or a car? A: Yes.
  • Does it have any kind of..... A: No.

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