National Falcon Convention / 1st Place!

Last summer I purchased a 1962 Ford Falcon Station wagon.  I bought it to use as a second car I could haul stuff in (you can't always fit everything you need to in a MINI) as well as to take to local car show for fun.  I have toally fallen in love with this car we have named "Bessie".  She is named after Paul's grandmother who had a Falcon wagon when Paul was a child.

Molly with her wagon "Bessie" at the National Falcon Convention

This year is the 50th anniversary of Falcon and the National convention was held in Dearborn, MI (birthplace of the Falcon) last weekend.  It was the largest Falcon convention ever.  People brought their cars from all over the country and there were over 375 Falcons in attendance.

1st place in my class!

I broke into tears when my Bessie beat out the "hot rodded up" and pristine competition in the Lightly Modified Utility Vehicle class.  She is not perfect but people really seem to like her.  She has great character.  I feel it's an true honor to win since my car was voted 1# by my peers... other Falcon owners. Friday, Paul got to drive Bessie on the Ford Test Track, aka DDC (Dearborn Development Center) and Edsel Ford gave a talk.  How cool is that?

Paul driving Bessie on the DDC Ford test track