Photo for the Day: 04/16/08

This series of photos were taken on Saturday the 12th by Dave at

Ah… I see Justin, aka “SVTLightning” is out for a ride on the Gap and has a passenger.
(By the way, I love the reflection of the road in the face shield.)

I wonder who the lucky rider might be?


Why… what do you know… it’s me :)



Hanging on tight and having a blast…

A tip for riding two-up enthusiastically on a sport bike is to hold onto the gas tank and brace yourself.

Thanks Dave for the pics, thanks Ben & Zee for the pants and boots (I love them), and especially thank you Justin for a great time. I hope you enjoyed the ride I gave you in Alfie just as much.


2 thoughts on “Photo for the Day: 04/16/08

  1. Denise says:

    Molly, your riding gear looks great with Justin’s bike! Looks like a fun, spirited ride!

  2. Ed Mello says:

    Nice pics Moll…..So when are you getting a 2 wheel buddy for Alfie?!

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