The 2008 Goatbaby season has begun!!

Ovaltinaweena kidded at 1:00 pm this afternoon with twins: a girl and boy. The kidding went well with no problems.

We are calling the girl Zinnia and the boy Zachary. They are both sweeties.

Zinna - baby goat
Zinnia – 1/2 hour old

baby goat
Zinnia – being born is tiring

Zinna, 1/2 hour old (and my hand)

Zachary, 3 hours old

Ovaltinaweena and her daughter Zinnia
Ovaltinaweena and her daughter Zinnia – three hours old

baby goat
Zachary – happy to be here

10 thoughts on “The 2008 Goatbaby season has begun!!

  1. Alex says:

    Such cute babies! Can’t wait to get my first one some time this spring!

  2. hoham says:

    The new kidz look shiny! When is their trip on the Dragon?

  3. Emily says:

    Yeah! I am so excited for kidding season. This year we will have our own goat babies mid spring and your kid pictures are going to provide much enjoyment until then. Yeah! Emily

  4. ed says:

    Goat Babies!!! Yea!! They are cute Moll!!

  5. MB says:

    YAY! Oh lord I love the little black ones..

  6. DREW says:

    Congrats “Mom”…


  7. s. smith says:

    And we are off and running with the annual “Kiddie Outing!” So far we are one and one. What will it be this year???? More does, or more bucks!

  8. Molly says:

    Thanks everyone ! :) 1 down… 16 more left to kid…. LOL.
    We are expecting more by the end of the weekend.

  9. Melisa says:

    My doe will be a first time mom this year. Your wed site and pictures give both of us alot of hope we can do this. I love your site !!!!!!!!!! Please keep up all the good work you do, you have been so much help to me and you dont even know who I am. You are a good person, God Bless. Thank you Melisa

  10. Charlene Hartung says:


    Few things more precious then goat babies! Always enjoy your photos–Iced in here in MO so have had time to play “catch up” on your blog. “The Season” starts here March 1. Tell Larry and the Family HI for me. Keep up the Great Work–You touch many lives!

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