6 thoughts on “Photo for the Day: 02/22/08

  1. Melissa says:

    Molly, I haven’t even got my first goat yet, and can’t get enough of them. I’m afraid goat fever has ahold of me!
    What a blessing they must be!

  2. Benny Morgan says:

    That is a nice picture.

  3. DREW says:

    3 l’il kids and 1 big kid…


  4. John Chapman says:

    Molly—What cute babies” And what fun. Great picture. Thanks for sending it. Must be goatbaby season. John

  5. judi says:

    I’m getting my first 2 kids tomorrow (nubian/boer cross) little 3 month olds wethers and I am so excited! Any advice is welcome!

  6. Nef - Bryson City, NC says:

    How adorable! Our first goat baby was born on 2/22, by coincidence. Much as I love your website, I guess I was a little busy that day, so I didn’t see this.

    I want to thank you. Because of your site, I knew what to do, even though we weren’t expecting him. (The man we bought her from didn’t say a word about her being pregnant. For some reason, a week before he was born, I was looking for kidding information. Some kind of womanly sympathy together with the fact that Katie was very, very, very rounded, I guess.) Other websites kind of had me worried about our first kidding and what we would have to do to raise a healthy, friendly kid. Yours was much more in line with my personal beliefs about what is best for animals. Besides, it stands to reason that if you take time to be with and love any creature when he’s young, he will grow up friendly, even if you don’t bottle feed him. Our Freebie (named in a vote by some of our online friends and co-workers) is definitely the little prince, loved and cared for by his mama and his people.

    Our other 11 goats each started out a little on the wild side (Katie was the friendliest to start), but all are coming around to us. It helps that there are that many, I think, and that we got them a few at a time, so that the goats from the week or two weeks before could help teach the new ones that we weren’t so bad.

    They are mainly the pet type of mixed West African Dwarfs that you find around here under the label of “Pygmy Goat,” in spite of the fact that only two really look like standard pygmies. The other “Pygmies” have a more dairy shape with short legs. We also have one Nubian doe and one Spanish doe (our herd leader named Cleopatra).

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