Candace: another remarkable kidding!

If you have not already, I invite you to please read the story of Candace the Tiny’s birth here.

Now the story continues ….

At three years old, Candace is the size of our yearling does. She weights under 100 pounds, but is one tough cookie and stands by her somewhat dim mom and is a very good, and caring mother to her kids.

Candace was the smallest goat baby we have ever had born here.
Which is why is it amazing that yesterday morning, at about 11:00 am, Candace the Tiny gave birth to the largest doe kid ever born at Fias Co Farm.

Amazonia weighed at birth, 9.5 pounds. “Average” birth weight here is 6-7 pounds; Candace weighed 2 pounds.

Amazonia: 30 minutes old

The birth went very well. Candace acted like a real pro and with a bit of intense pulling assistance the baby girl was delivered with incident. Candace’s udder is huge and it’s good thing too since she has a huge kid to care for. She loves her new baby dearly.

Candace & Amazonia, 30 minutes old.


New mom and baby…. “Did this really just come out of me?”

Amazonia, at birth, was as big as Ovaltinweena’s kids who were a week old. She was almost twice as big as Tiny Dancer’s kids, who were born the day before and weighed 5.5 pounds each.


Comparing Amazonia’s size (at one day old) with Amanda & Martha’s size (two days old)

9 thoughts on “Candace: another remarkable kidding!

  1. Pete says:

    Wowsa. She’s “Candace the Mighty” to my mind. Has it really been three years now?

  2. John Chapman says:

    Molly—Does the relation between mother and kid last for long? or just until the next birthing season? Amazonia is a BIG baby. John

  3. Carol says:

    To me goats are the most amazing of all God critters.
    They are the strongest yet the most vaunauble when sick.
    They can die faster,yet live as fast when born.
    A good Dam is worth her weight in goats.
    They almost always are the best of mothers .

  4. Alex says:

    wow! I can’t believe it has been three years!!

  5. Patti Gouge says:


    How beautiful your babies are, such wonderful colors!
    I want to say how much I love your site, it has helped me thru some very trying times!
    We will be kidding in the 2nd week of April, hope all goes as well for us.
    I know some people are not “goat people” but more manufacturers of goats, we love ours and I know in my heart they know, just one look in their eyes tells the story.
    Again , congrats on the gorgeous babies!!

  6. Molly,
    OMG! What a story! What a cute doe!

    Hope you end up keeping Amozonia. Most would have culled her mom, but you love your goats and saw something besides her diminutive size. She sure came through for you.

    Winlock, WA

  7. Sandy says:

    Like the pictures. I had a doe that will be two in April she is small for her age I am going to hold her off for a little longer. Her brother is so much bigger they weighed 7 and 8 pound’s at birth. She is just growing slow. I feed them good grain, hay, mineral shots wormer I do it all but once in a while you just get a small one. My biggest one was from a firstime mon weighed 12 pound’s Like to never got it out he was sold last month and at 4 month’s he was taller and longer than the 5.5 month old kid’s. I had another 10 pounder. But most ot fhe time they average between 7 and 9 pound’s we raise Boer goats.

  8. Amelia says:

    I had a Nubian doe kid in March and she had triplets nad they were all tangled and side ways. The first one was a girl which the vet thought was dead till he looked again and it wasn’t and the seconed was a boy and he was pretty sick but not as bad as the first one. The last one was healthy and it was a girl. The next morning when I got up I was sure that the two would be dead and they were alive! The buck, Bubbles is sold but the two girl’s, Ariel and Cinderella, are in the field healthy as can be!

  9. pete says:

    thank for you witeing on careing for kids at brith .i just had my 2 baby bores

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