Alfie in a video game

I never play video games.  I really know nothing about them and never really thought much about them.  Well, a couple weeks ago I visit my friends Darryl and Lori and was introduced to the game Rock Band and was surprised to find how much I really enjoyed it.

I stayed over at Darryl’s and Lori’s this past Sunday night we we played Guitar Hero and I was introduced to another type of video game that I really dug to know end: RACING!  Darryl has a great set up for this with a special seat right in front of a HD TV.  On the chair are the peddles and a Force Feedback steering wheel.  The feeling of driving was so realist it was amazing.  I had so much fun and was laughing so hard.  It was great.

The topper was Darryl had build me my own virtual race car that looked exactly like my own car, Alfie.   Darry (aka Killboy of has photographed my car countless times and knows it well.  He knew all the little details and had spent hours making my Virtual Alfie prefect.  This was so nice of him and I really cannot express how special it made me feel.   I had a blast racing and crashed at least 20 times… but was able to walk away unharmed every time.  LOL

Below is a photo taken by Darryl of me driving Virtual Alfie and then pictures of what Virtual Alfie looks like.  Pretty cool :)

Then Darry showed me how it was really done:

We played Guitar Hero and various car racing games until 4 in the morning…. wow.  I never thought I would enjoy video games so much, but I sure did.   :)

4 thoughts on “Alfie in a video game

  1. Benny Morgan says:

    That is a neat game setup. I’m glad you had a good time. The Killboy/gurl clan are good people.

  2. Darryl says:

    It was great watching you have so much fun Molly, come back any time!

  3. Molly says:

    They sure are!

  4. Molly says:

    Darryl, I love you and Lori, thank you both so much…. you guys are the bestest!!

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