Photo for the Day: 10/03/07

London 9/21/07

I just got back form a 8 days trip to Europe (London, Dublin, Munich) but also had another two day photography assignment the second day after I got back, so I am just now getting to going through my Europe photos.

I tried to experience the “other ” side of the countries I when to… not the usual touristy spots.

I spotted this huge cat scaling the walls in “Camden Town”. They had excellent signage in London. Stay tuned for more.

Cat in Camden Town London

Here’s another view so you can get a feel for the real scale of the cat.

Cat Signage

5 thoughts on “Photo for the Day: 10/03/07

  1. Carol says:

    Got this one just fine.

    I love that big cat on the wall.

  2. Denise says:

    ya need a big cat for the HUGE mouse problem!

  3. DREW says:

    Uhhhh…Pardon me, but is that mouse in the lower left corner MOONING?

  4. John and Betsy Chapman says:

    Molly—What fantastic picture. How did you know it was there? and how did you find it? Not easy to get around in London when you don’t know anything is. John

  5. Cheyenne says:

    So funny.

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