EOSBash ’07


Photo Gallery

East TN Riders hosted a Fall party at the Deals Gap Motorcycle Resort on Sat. Oct 27th, 2007. I stayed over this weekend at the resort and took these photos Sat & Sun of that weekend.

Some of these photos are better than others (I didn’t take my good lens or flash on this trip), but I did want to try convey a total sense of all the fun that was had over the weekend. Because of this some of the photos are more documentary than artistic, and the ones taken at night are not all of the best quality. But, they are all still fun to look at.

The main events of Bash were dinner, a costume contest, the raffle, the 50cc races and Big Wheel races. Afterwards there was riding the Gap at night and general camaraderie. Honestly it was one of the best times I have had. My night ride on the Gap was definitely a top ten life experience.

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