Schroth Harness

Schroth Quick Fit MINI specific Rallye Harnessbelt

I installed my new harness today. The install was easy and quick. I used my torque wrench for the first time as well. Removing the rear seat was not as scary as you think it might be and it was quick to get out as well as get back in. I didn’t bother taking photos and doing a step by step because the supplied instructions are just fine to go by. You can see them here: Install Instructions for the Schroth Quick Fit Harness.

The Schroth Harness is an good street legal safely harness for people who have dual duty cars (track and street). It easily attaches/anchors to factory points. The Quick Fit Belts also take advantage of the factory seat belt pre-tensioner, a device that tightens the belt 1-2 inches in the event of an accident. The Airbags will deploy as the engineers of the system intended for someone buckled in. They also come completely out of the car, giving you full use of your street car for carrying people or cargo. This was a big plus to me.

Schroth Belt

I took Alfie out for a quick spin after the install and I quickly decided the harness was money very well spent. Sure, safety equipment is not as fun to buy as pretty, or power, mods, but it is very good insurance. I felt at one with the car. The thought came to mind: “Now I really feel married to my car.” I can hardly wait to motor over to the Gap and see how Alfie feels on some real sweetie twisties.

Schroth Belt

For me, this harness is really just as comfortable as the factory belt with my GC-Lock (See: C-G Lock: Seat Belt Add-On). The factory belt always cut into my neck when I wore t-shirts, and I had been meaning to try to figure out some sort of pad for it. I ordered the Schroth Shoulder Pads for these right after my first ride. I know the harness will be more comfortable on longer trip with the pads… and they’ll look cool as well :)

I purchased my Schroth Harness and pads from the good people at Detroit Tuned

Watch the safety video: Schroth ASM (8.66 MB)