Red Tow Hook

I am not totally sure when it started, but many MINI modders started painting their tow hooks red and leaving them installed at the front of their cars all the time. It’s a racing thing. I like the look. It’s sporty and adds a touch of color.

tow hook

and so…. another mod…. the painting of the tow hook.

The MINI tow hook, while not being used to tow the vehicle, is usually stored in the MINI tool kit. See the kit in the photo below. The hook is in it’s case beside the screwdriver. Ignore the arrows, they are in reference to another mod article. You do not need to disconnect the battery to paint your tow hook.


Painting is really kind of a no brainier, so don’t be afraid to go for it. Get some appropriate paint. Clean the metal. Apply the primer. Then 2-3 coats of paint (your choice of color: use red if you want a red tow hook).

I was lucky, I found all the supplies I need for this particular project in our shed.

tow hook

Before painting, I masked the hook using masking tape, duct tape and a cable tie to create a handle/hook for hanging to dry.

tow hook

In less than 24 hours, project completed and installed:

red tow hook

Alfie looking oh so sharp nowadays:

Alfie teh MINI

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    Looking good Molly

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