Goatbabies ’07: Neenha

Neenha delivered her first kid this morning, Sat., May 12, at 3 am .

Jerry Jeff
Jerry Jeff

For a first timer, she did really well.  The kid presented correctly but was on the large side and took a bit of pulling.  Neenha took to her new son right way and is showing herself to be a very good mother.

Jerry Jeff
Jerry Jeff – 12 hours old

Jerry Jeff weighed 7.5 pounds

His father is Mushasi

New momma, Neenha & her son Jerry Jeff
Proud new momma, Neenha and new son Jerry Jeff

We have one more doe left to kid for this season… coming soon: Enya

6 thoughts on “Goatbabies ’07: Neenha

  1. Carol says:

    You would not need to tell me who the sire is of most of these kids. They all look like Mushasi :)

    Neenha sure has the barrel to carry manny kids in her basket.

    This buck will be a whooper,Jerry Jeff.

  2. Lenna Schultz says:

    He is so pretty (Jerry Jeff). I thought of you this morning when I had coffee with Enzo & Studebaker. Enzo climbed into my lap, and before I knew it, he was helping himself to my coffee…then wiped his mouth on me! These guys are doing great, no trouble from Enzo’s fracture. I am really enjoying them. They have made friends with my pup, too…she jumps up on them, and they butt her. She weighs only 11 pounds, so they have the upper hand.

    As discussed, we really like Neenah. If it turns out that you have to wether JJ, we would like to buy them both. I know you want to keep them together.

    And the wheel turns, the great Mandela…we will see.


  3. John and Betsy Chapman says:

    Molly—Another great goat baby. How many is that for Mushasi? Does he ever lose interest or tire? The scene of the group of goats in the background was beautiful. What a super life with your family of goats and a little bit of work now and then. I enjoy your news. John

  4. Molly says:

    This make 10 kids for Musashi so far this year.
    No, he never looses interest 😉 Fall is is favorite time of the year; it’s what he lives for :)

  5. MB says:

    Did I miss something? What happened to Maxine? VERY handsome little guy!

  6. Molly says:

    You didn’t miss anything; Maxine didn’t take.

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