Goatbabies ‘07: Peepers

Peeper gave birth at 2 am on Thursday, May 10, to two beautiful doelings.  The kidding went really well and easy.

Mercedes and Portia both weighed 5 pounds.

Their father is Musashi.



Peepers & Portia
Peepers & Portia

5 thoughts on “Goatbabies ‘07: Peepers

  1. John and Betsy Chapman says:

    Molly—Do you have a list of all the names you have already used? And do youcheck it to make sure you not repeating? Not easy to keep coming up with new names. You could look through Bartlett’ s Book of Quotations for ideas. Plus your high school yearbook. Cute babies as always. John

  2. Lesserweevil says:

    very cute, I love the white patches. if it’s the car, though, shouldnt it be Porsche?

  3. Molly says:

    John, I do keep a list of all the goats we have had here:

    Honestly, we have no problem at all coming up with names :)

    Lesserweevil, we know the car is spelled Porsche. We like to take names and then play with them. Portia is from Shakespeare (we were both actors) yet it is pronounced the same as the car, so is goes with her sister. It just makes things more interesting :)

  4. Sum Gye says:

    Molly, what great kids!!!! I showed Lori the shots. She loves them.

    Best to you and Larry

  5. Lesserweevil says:

    Okay, Portia it is! :-)

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