Goatbabies ’07: Trouble

Trouble, age 10, kidded Sunday afternoon, April 22, with twins: a boy and girl. These are her 18th kids and also her last, as we are retiring her from kidding. The daughter from this birth, Miss Cheif, will stay with Trouble as long as Trouble stays with us.

Trouble and her new kids

We could tell Trouble was going to kid Sunday and she didn’t care to leave her stall, actually wanting back in it after we kicked her our for some “fresh air” at lunch. Since she wanted back in her stall, we complied and I checked on her throughout the afternoon. When it look like she was indeed going to kids any time I called Larry and when he got to the barn and sat next to Trouble, she laid her head warmly on his arm and gave a push. She then got up, turned around facing her rear at Larry and started pushing in earnest. Larry and Trouble have always had a close bond and it was clear she waited until Larry was there to deliver and was quite happy for him there to assist her.

The first kid was quite big and took a bit pulling to get out, but Trouble was quite stoic and a real trooper and didn’t make a sound. Out came 9 pound Mario.

After Mario was nearly dry, came 7 pound Miss Chief. We we very happy about this because we really wanted Trouble to have a doe with this kidding so she could keep her in her retirement.

Miss Cheif
Mario: 9 pound boy

Miss Chief: 7 pound girl

Their father is Musashi

MisCheif & Abby
Miss Cheif & Chihuahua (Miss Moto’s daughter)