Goatbabies ’07: Little Miss Moto

I’ll tell ya, it’s bad when the first thing you think when you get out of bed in the morning is, “Man, I have got to get some sleep.”….

The last couple of nights were spent listening for signals of impending kidding and last night was spent wakefully listening to Little Miss Moto paw around her stall all night long. I’m sure she must be as tired as I am today, emotional, as well as physically.

I knew she’d kid today, she showed all the signs and after pawing like that all night, she just had to have her babies because I have got to get some sleep :)

Thankfully, I was shown to be correct at 1:30 this afternoon when she gave birth to her first little boy, Hanz. We assisted the kidding by helping to pull the kid. Hanz was small (5 pounds) but very attractive and healthy.

When you only 15 minutes old, standing isn’t quite as easy as it looks.

We knew there had to be another kid. Larry “bounced” Miss Moto and felt another kid, and after the first boy was well cleaned off and almost dry, time came to deliver another big boy, Franz (7.5 pounds). Franz is a real brute and also very attractive.

Miss Moto�s big boy

We were cleaning and drying them off, and considering the size of the Franz I didn’t really think there might be a third kid. Three are rare for our herd (except with Goldie who almost always had three). Miss Moto started to push and Larry said he saw another bubble. I still didn’t think she had another kid, as it looked to me to be the afterbirth bubble, and a doe will have contractions to expel the afterbirth.

Well, this time I was proved wrong when Larry said, he really didn’t think it was an afterbirth and then out popped Chihuahua, a 4 pound little girl. She was completely in her sack and Larry held her as I scrambled to pull the sack off her so we could clear her mouth and get her breathing.

Abby & Hanz
Chihuahua & Hanz

Chihuahua with a little weak and we cleaned her and rubbed her and when she tried to get up, I helped her nurse. She had a great long suck and soon was up and standing on her own.


We made sure everyone got some good nursing in, we weighed them, dipped their umbilical cords, and I took a few photos. It’s a very colorful and happy little family :)

New Moto Family
How to get a big family really fast: have three babies.

Hanz: 5 pounds

Franz: 7.5 pounds

Chihuahua: 4 pound

Their father is Kandinsky

8 thoughts on “Goatbabies ’07: Little Miss Moto

  1. actlsze says:

    awww some cuties there

  2. s. smith says:

    How cute! If only they would stay that way for a while…but goat babies grow so fast! I wonder if this doe is going to have triplets often?

  3. Molly says:

    Yes, they do grow up fast, but we try to really enjoy them and appreciate them as much as possible while we can.

    It’s hard to say if she will have triplets again. Goldie had multiples all the time, but with most does you just never know. Actually we really prefer 2 kids per doe. Three is tough, since momma only has two teats :)

  4. John and Betsy Chapman says:

    Molly—You are a busy midwife. Lots of work but what cute babies. John

  5. Lesserweevil says:

    has Little Miss Moto had babies before?

    I must say, they are very bright and pretty babies!! I loved it when my doe had her triplets this year – hers were 6.75, 7.25 and 10.5 lb.

    If I lived near you I would come and goatnap one of them :-)

  6. Molly says:

    Little Miss Moto had a single doeling last year: Tiny Dancer.

    So it goes to show just because a doe has a certain name of kids one year, she may not do the same the next year.

    Yes, her kids this year are painted very nicely. Kandisky is living up to his name :)

  7. morgan terry says:

    hi your baby goats are so cute! i love them so much. i am looking for two baby goats but i cant find any to get i am 15 years old and i am dieing to get goats. well i was just saying how cute the baby goats are. bye take care of them.

  8. sara says:

    they are so cute!! i would buy them but my mom and dad won’t let me. so cute!!! i LOVE GOATS
    :) SARA :)

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