Goatbabies ‘07: Candace

… and so the circle completes itself again….

I am so very pleased to announce that Candace The Tiny gave birth last night, at 9 pm, to a wonderful, healthy and full sized beautiful girl.*

We welcome Constance to our family.

She weighs 6 pounds. The birth when well and Candace is being a great, loving mom.

Constance’s father is Kandinsky.

Constance – 12 hours old

*This birth is a very big deal for all of us here. There is a story behind Candace The Tiny which you can read here.

7 thoughts on “Goatbabies ‘07: Candace

  1. John and Betsy Chapman says:

    Molly—The white diamond in her forehead is super. John

  2. Lenna Schultz says:

    My heart goes out to this darling baby. I am such a softie for the “odd guy out’.

    Moly, I am longing to know which does you will choose for me. I have watched each birth, and feel almost like I am there, Touching and smelling them, letting them suck my fingers….It has been too long since we have has goat bables here. I really miss it.

    A heartful of love to you and your husband, and all your noble herd.

  3. MB says:

    WOW she’s a beautiful!

  4. Barb says:

    How wonderful that Candace the Tiny has come full circle with a beautiful little girl of her own. Congratulations on this very special event….

  5. Sola says:

    Look at those elegant little socks! Oh, she slays me. Really wish i didn’t live in the city.

  6. sarah says:

    aw, shes so cute i wish my mom could see her.shes adorable.^_^

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