MINI Automatic Window Circuit

MINI Cooper Automatic Window (MCAW) Circuit�

It’s great that with one click of the toggle you can open the MINI’s windows, but for understandable safety reasons, there is not an auto up; you have to hold the toggle switch the entire time to close the window. I like to keep my hands on the steering wheel and considering I never have children in my car, little less passengers of any sort, I thought I would give the MINI Cooper Automatic Window Circuit (Basic) a spin

From the MCAW web site:

“Auto-up window control – Ever try to pull away, accelerate, shift gears and roll your windows up all at the same time? Auto-up Window control allows you to flick your drivers window switch upwards (twice) and roll your window up. Leaving you to concentrate on Motoring! MCAW has 4 different programmable auto-up modes including the ability to roll up both windows at once using the driver�s window switch.”

MCAW chip

I purchased my Basic Circuit Chip from Out Motoring for $49.95.

I printed the PDF installation instructions from their web site and felt prepared to install the chip. It came with no instructions included (packing error) but I didn’t mind since, these things happen on occation and I had printed the instructions from the site anyway.

I opened the access panel as instructed. At this point you have to work by feel and not sight. For the life of me could not figure out how to unlatch and disconnect the wiring harness (and I am usually pretty good at stuff like this). I emailed Out Motoring and they replied quite quickly with a link to the MCAW site and installation videos. This helped explain how to unlatch the harness and I had no problems installing the chip as instructed.

I tried following the instructions I had printed for the Basic chip and could not get the chip to enter programing mode. I tried and tried with no avail. I tried “rebooting” by uninstalling the chip and reinstalling it but this did not seem to help.

I went to the help forum on the MCAW site and found a thread called “Can’t enter program mode“. It turns out the instructions I was relaying on, even though they said they were for the Basic Chip, were actually for how to enter programing mode for the Deluxe chip (windows start in down/open position). With the Basic chip, you enter programing mode with the windows started in the up/closed position. Upon finding this out and when back to my car and tried it this way without success. I uninstalled the chip and reinstalled it. I tried programing again, and this time succeeded.

Even with the few problems, the installation, as these things go, went ok. The access panel is a little tight and I scraped up my hand pretty good on the panel door latches. If you try installing, you may wan to wear some sort of protection on the back side of your hand, thought you certainly could not do this installation with gloves on.


The chip as works as described. When I click the toggle (once) the windows close automatically. There are four different programming modes to fit almost any situation. I just chose mode 1 for both windows since, like I said, I never have passengers.

It’s a nice simple mod, and easily reversible if need be.

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  1. John and Betsy Chapman says:

    Molly—Why no passengers? Fear? They did once?
    Doesn’t the Wizard know how to do these simple additions to the Mini? I don’t. Enjoy your great new feature but don’t take any goat babies riding. John

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