Goatbabies ’07: Sachigoto

Sachigoto kidded at 12:45 pm today.

The birth went very well and we are happy to welcome two more little lives into the world.

Teddy: a hefty boy, 7.5 pounds

Taffy: a girl, 6 pounds.

Their father is Musashi.

Mac - just moments old
Teddy – just moments old

Mac - 15 minutes old
Teddy – 15 minutes old

Sachigoto’s daughter

First meal
Taffy having a good suck

And so tonight, we get to sleep :)
Candace is due to kid next, within the next week.

8 thoughts on “Goatbabies ’07: Sachigoto

  1. Lori says:

    Beautiful babies!!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. John and Betsy Chapman says:

    I agree with Lori. John

  3. Lesserweevil says:

    very cute – haven’t got over the no ears yet though!!!

  4. Molly says:

    The no ears grow on you :)
    It gives the babies a real “monkey face” look.
    Once you live with them for a few years, you get so used to it, WITH ears seems odd.

  5. Elly Haldeman says:

    I am interested at looking at Teddy for a buck. Do you have any other pictures of him?

  6. Molly says:

    Elly, Teddy would make an excellent buck. He’s a really great guy. I’ll email you more photos.

  7. Elly Haldeman says:

    I am very interested in reserving Teddy. Can you tell me how I would go about it and what is involved in getting Teddy sent to me?

  8. Molly says:

    Elly, please see this page of my web site for prices and policies:

    email me here: mol@fiascofarm.com

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