Goatbabies ’07: Czarinaweena

Czarinaweena gave birth to her first kids at 5 pm on Sunday afternoon. I am a bit late reporting this due to the fact it has just been so darn busy here lately… better late than never :)

Czarinaweena looked she might kid all day. It was a beautiful day to have goatbabies. Even though she held out a bit long, it was nice of her to at least have her babies before nightfall. She did great for a first-timer and is showing herself to be a extraordinary mom.

Francine (6.25 pounds)

Franciso (6.5 pound)

Their father is Hemingway.



A new family
Czarinaweena with her new kids.

9 thoughts on “Goatbabies ’07: Czarinaweena

  1. Vanessa Comerford says:

    hey guys–we had our first Hemingway babies this afternoon–our gal Val gave birth to triplets–all doelings, and all healthy– Miss Maudie, Calpernia and Scout look great. Miss Maudie looks like Hemingway. Calpernia is caramel and Scout is a medium cream color…

    glad your girls are doing well, too.

    Precious Cottage Farm
    College Grove, TN

  2. Molly says:

    Congratulation Vanessa!
    Send photos when you get a chance.

  3. John and Betsy Chapman says:

    What beautiful babies for Czarinaweena. That Hemingway really gets around. Thanks for the pictures. The Chapmans

  4. I love goats! I am expecting my first kids in June and maybe July. Your website is so helpful though I have assisted in MANY other kinds of births including humans.

  5. Joy Housley says:

    Love your web site. So much helpful information. Thanks for sharing. Babies are beautiful. We’re expecting our first babies in the Fall.

  6. Hi there!Nice site, the photos are great. We are expecting our kids in early July. They are fathered by a Nubian as we could not find a Saanen in time for spring.kids. Our goats are a mix of breeds – La mancha (our first 20 years ago, now have the great granddaughter expecting) French Alpine, Taggenberg, and Nubian. Makes for a nice colorful herd. Although when we used the Saanen buck we got 9 kids from 4 mothers and they were all white like the father! I loved the La mancha but there are no longer any bucks in our area. Our preference now is the Saanen as there is so much more milk. I reciently ran into mastitis ia one goat and tested the others and found them to be just slightly affected so I am treating all of them. There is a sediment in the milk
    although it smells and tastes good. I pasteurize the milk in any case as it keeps longer – up to a week in a cold fridge. It was exciting to read about your farm. I am now a grandmother living with my daughter and her family. They built my goat area when we moved toghther. They are busy with raising horses. Thank you again for the site. Patricia

  7. Grace kramer says:

    thanks for this beautiful website. I am thinking about goat farming for profit (a family business) and am in the info gathering stages. I am a grandma and mother of six looking for something wholistic to produce. We all have allergies and immune system issues and goat’s milk has come to the rescue. I believe in owning a business that makes the world a better place. So, thanks for offering all this info to us newcomers. Grace from Ct.

  8. your goat site is absoulutly amazing and your animals are stupendous and glorious. your birthing photos are magnificent and i was blown away by your love for your creatures placed in your care. amazing amazing amazing what beautiful human beings you are thank so much for your absoulute commitment to your websit, your home and farm land , and to your beloved goat family of which you are gloriously adored by your herd as their loving pack leaders. thank you, thank you, thank you,

  9. raven says:

    ur goats are so cute i am 11 and have a baby goat named mallery she is so cute. she is all black and is a pygmie goat and is a ball of joy to play with maby i will send in a photo

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