Goat Birth Photos

I have been trying to put together a good photo documentation of a goat giving birth, as well as showing how to assist delivery, for a while. I think I have finally accomplished my goal. I feel this particular project was quite important, and I am quite pleased to finally have gotten it published on my site. I hope people find it useful.

This photo gallery is not for the squeamish:

Czarinaween’s kidding on 3/11/2007 detailed photos


And because it just pained me when I would hear about people loosing kids, the doe, or both, because they, “Let Nature take It’s course”, and did not assist with the kidding I also recently put together this page.
How to deliver a kid

3 thoughts on “Goat Birth Photos

  1. Rachelle says:

    I love the photo gallery. It’s a pretty good job. A photo sequence of the wrong type of kidding might come in handy someday (though I really hope you never get a chance to take those types of pics).

    Last year we had one doe kid and she was sneaky about it. We checked on her and when we went back a short time later she’d had them.

    This year we have had two kid and still have one more left to go. One doe I had to help with all three babies, two were breach, the last was just HUGE! The second doe handled everything like a pro, thankfully. I’m hoping the third has her’s just as easy as the second doe did.

    I love your website, it’s very informative. Keep up the good work.

  2. Molly says:

    I’m afraid that if we were having a trouble kidding, the last thing I would be doing is taking photos; it was hard enough to get the photos all the way through a correct birth :) This is why I created the Kidding Positions Gallery with the paper kid to show possible problems and how to correct them.

    Thanks for letting me know you find my sire useful. It is a TON of work, and it’s positive feedback that keeps me going.

    Good luck with your kiddings.

  3. Larry Hodgkins says:

    Very much enjoyed! thank you and good luck.

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