One thought on “Photo for the Day: 02/13/2007

  1. Donna Hobbs Conner says:

    Dear Molly,This photo is neat . I just had a few minutes to tour your website today looking at baby photos of the goats I have purchased and who live with us. I had to shed a tear or two at Sandy’s pictures. I wanted you to know everyone is doing great. Kidding begins for me supposedly on March 4. They are all well fed, groomed, and give Mike and me immense joy and fabulous milk products. Hoshiko and Coral are my herd queens now and Maureen and Megan are doing great. Megan’s 2 year old daughters, Charlotte and Emily are first time kidders this year and Megan’s 11 mo. old daughter is big and bred to kid in May. We call her Big P Lizzy. She was the queen of last year’s girl children. Coral’s two year old daughter , Adele is kidding for the first time. She is a very big doe. I can’t wait to see what she produces. My sister Gail got Coral’s last year’s son, Zubrus who has bred a whole new crop of LaManchas at Caramont Farms. Hope you and Larry are well.. You seem to be ultra busy.

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