Fire Extinguisher Installation

I did a particularly important mod this afternoon. We have always carried a fire extinguisher in our truck. I could kick myself for not putting one in the MINI sooner. Read why here. But…. better later than never. Here’s an easy mod anyone can do.

FW 2

I installed a fire extinguisher in the boot. I know the best place to install an extinguisher is within arm’s length of the driver, but the MINI doesn’t lend itself to too many options as far as optimal installation. You can get fixtures for mounting the fire extinguisher to the passenger seat and you can get fancy chrome extinguisher that won’t ruin your interior if you end up having to use it on your car, but I didn’t have $150 to spend on the prefect installation.

Anything is better than nothing!

FE 1

I bought the extinguisher at Wal-Mart. I had the proper sized metal screws in my screw drawer. I simply drilled two holes through the plastic side wall in the boot into the metal under it. This is very securely fastened. Total cost of this project: $10.00.

The weight of the extinguisher is shared by the floor and it is securely held in place by the mounted bracket.

I measured where the bracket needed to be by laying the extinguisher on the floor of the boot.  This way, when installed, the weight of the extinguisher is shared by the floor, taking some stress off the bracket.

fe bracket
Bracket secured with metal screws

I used sheet metal screws that were the correct size for the bracket that I had in my “screw jar”.  I drilled through the plasic panel and into the metal of the car body.  I did manage to brake a drill bit drilling the first hole, which I made too small to begin with.  Once I found the proper sized bit, everything went a lot smoother.

2 thoughts on “Fire Extinguisher Installation

  1. Jiyun says:

    Hi, Molly, your essays, including the Dragon story series, lead me to an idea of having a car someday.

    As a person with no car, no drive license, I had taken the car as just a metal object. However, your articles changed my mind. Treatment of car could be an art.

    Want to have one when battery-driven cars were getting popular:-)

  2. Molly says:

    Hi Jiyun, yes indeed a car is art! Some are not such good art and some are wonderful art :)
    It is fun to have a useful tool that is not only beautiful to look at, but fun to play in as well.

    They have car shows here where people can go and look at new vehicles and “concept cars”. I have some friends who took photos of some new Chinsees cars at the Detroit car show and they looked very interesting.

    I bet China will make some interesting battery powered/ hybrid cars soon.

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