Kidding: Ovaltinaweena ’07

Saturday the 17th of Feb. at 8:00 pm.

Gosh, it was a cold night.

It started in the early hours of Saturday morning when we hear Ovaltinaweena start to paw around her stall: a sign of impending labor (we have an audio monitor next to our bed). We checked her on the video monitor and could see she was not really seriously about to kid. Later, when we went down for morning barn chores we could see her udder had definitely gotten bigger since the day before. After the goats’ breakfast, I could tell by feeling her “ligaments” that she was indeed going to kid sometime today, but we also didn’t feel like it was going to happen too soon. Since it was not a nice day at all (snowing a bit) we put her back in her kidding stall with some hay and kept an eye on her via the monitor at the house.

After lunch, we always go down to spend some time with the new kids (in this case Sunbeam and Edsel) and checked on Ovaltinaweena’s progress. At 1 pm in the afternoon she had a just a drop of white goo and was getting that far away look in the eyes that mothers-to-be sometime get. She was pawing more, but we still did not feel she was really in serious labor yet.

Enzo & Studebaker newly born
Before you are cute a fuzzy, you start out wet and gooy

At 5 pm she was progressing, and had a 6 inch amber goo “hanger”. She was indeed going to kid soon, but still not quite yet. If it had been warmer, we would have sat with her at this point, but thanks to our barn video monitor, we could return to the house and keep an eye on her.

At 6:30 we decided to go ahead down and sit with her. She was in real labor when she got serious we aided her, as we always do. The kids were both presented correctly, but the first one did have his “elbows back” and was on the big side, so a bit of pulling helped things along. The kids were both big and strong. Momma was thrilled with her new babies so their were no bonding problems. We helped dry them off (as we always do); I used a blow drier to finish up the drying job (newborn kids love the hair drier believe it of not) and we got sweater on the kids as soon as we could. We helped them get their first suck/nurse and made sure everything was hunky-dorry before heading back to the house to have dinner and a martini and let the new family bond.

Enzo making some first attempts at standing on his own

Before going to bed, I made the cold trudge to the barn to make sure everything was going ok and the kids were nursing.

And so…. another succseful kidding. It’s always a happy event.

Enzo male; 8 3/4 pounds
Studebaker male; 8 pounds

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