Goatbabies ‘07: Ovaltinaweena

Olvaltinaweena had twins yesterday, Saturday the 17th of Feb. at 8:00 pm.

Enzo male; 8 3/4 pounds
Studebaker male; 8 pounds

The father is Hemingway.

Enzo male; 8 3/4 pounds (photo taken less than one hour old)

Studebaker male; 8 pounds (photo taken 13 hours)

To read the story of this birth, see here.
Enzo making some first attempts at standing on his own
Enzo & Stedebaker
12 hours old
We let the brothers out of their stall to do some exploring while we did barn chores, but they decided they would rather do some napping

9 thoughts on “Goatbabies ‘07: Ovaltinaweena

  1. Ahhhh! Twins, Is the common Molly

  2. John and Betsy Chapman says:

    Molly–I am surprised that neither the twins nor Ovaltinaweena are bothered by your camera’s flash. Is this always the case? How wise of you two to have a monitor at the kidding scene. Did you knit their sweaters? Great pictures. John

  3. Molly says:

    Twins are the most common.
    After than having a single.
    Then comes triplets, which is not at all out of the ordinary. The first year we had kids we had three sets of triplets. More rare is having four kids and on occasion your can even have 5 or 6. The most we ever had in one kidding was 4 (Goldie’s last kidding).

    None of the goats ever seem to be bothered by the flash. It’s good, ’cause I am always taking photos of them.

    Yes, the video monitor was money extremely well spent. It is just a standard surveillance system I picked up at Home Depot, through I had to add a lot of extra wire.

    My mother made the sweaters. They are extremely useful and we are fortunate to have them. I have about 12 of various sizes.

  4. Vanessa Comerford says:

    Glad to see Hemingway’s newest arrivals–we are anxiously awaiting his progeny here at Precious Cottage Farm. Val should be first, around March 20. Hope spring arrives first-it’s been a cold couple of months here too!

    Vanessa Comerford

  5. jiyun says:

    Wah, so …… cute!!!

  6. Molly says:

    Vanessa: Good luck with your kids. Make sure to send some photos. Hemingway’s kid here are really nice :) I am sure your are going to get some equally great kids from him.

    Jiyun: I am very pleased to see you here :) Stay tuned for more cute baby goats…. and cool motorcycles 😉

  7. Lennie says:

    Thank you, Molly. Craig and I have started our “family” photo album!

  8. actlsze says:

    Hey Molly, Things are looking pretty cute @ Fiasco Farm…….Gotta love it. They’re all adorable

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